Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Been a Week?? Gee

Can't remember where I grabbed this from this week, sorry
I just love vintage style valentines, they bring back so many memories
Yes I suppose that means I am a bit vintage myself, hmm maybe a lot vintage *Smile*

Sorry I have not been on in a week, I have not done much of anything in a week
My house work needs to be done EEK...sigh
Hubby is under the weather and home today seems everyone has the crude

I did jump on board with this week while taking it easy, just have not done much on there 
right now, but wow what a wonderful site I do look forward to pinning

I have not sewn this week, I hope to trace some items and do that today just going to take it slow
so what Have I done for a week of no work, well I have done simple things
I have several hangings in the process of completion, that involve nothing but hand work and
Items inserted into them, that is all I can share as of now but they are Prim and fun and I love them.
And I will be sharing them with you soon, I am doing some debating of where I will list them at?
I will be giving one away in February on my blog, and by the way they are all different

I have some protective clear page sleeves on the way to me so I can organize my messy boxed up patterns
Yes I am tired of being unorganized with supplies, so I have decided to get organized
I can't wait to do all of my patterns up with new card stock pattern pieces and then put them into 
categories by season etc.

Then to find some kind of wonderful storage unit for them to all fit into, I have a 50.00  Hobby Lobby
Gift certificate I got for Christmas, and I hope to find something when it is on clearance or at 50% off
I miss going to Hobby Lobby wish it was not so far away from me!

Don't forget to sign up for my January Giveaway ***Here***

We awoke to Rain and Thunder, yes you heard me right thunder! This morning
It is suppose to rain all day we do need the moisture but it was a reminder that Spring storms will
Be here soon! I love spring and summer, and I do have a cellar to get in but I could do without the
Severe Weather

Ok before I begin rambling I think I will close for the day
I am feeling better but still not great!!


  1. I can't wait to see what you've been working on :)

  2. It is hard when we are used to going all the time, to slow down, but good for us to do so. I have a million things to do, but just do what I can and enjoy the process. Hope everyone feels better soon.


  3. So this is the beginning of retirement, huh? Sounds like work to me, but I know how you feel. I'm thinking that a housekeeper every other week would sure do me good...
    Now if someone else would cook, I could really be retired. The cook does do dishes, right?

  4. Oh I love Pinterest as well! Going to see your boards! Enjoy your day!

  5. Glad you had a week off. Good luck with the organization. It feels good to get it all done:) -Steph-

  6. Hi, Brenda - glad you are feeling better. Now hubby has to get over
    the bug. I'm excited about seeing
    your new WIP's. I've been stitching,
    you can see it on my 1/9 post.
    It's slow going since my eyes are
    so bad or the linen weave is so tight, I think both actually.
    Sewing dollies is so much easier!

  7. I guess I don't realize how fortunate I am for having a Hobby Lobby and a Michael's only 15 minutes away. I also hear about people that don't have prims stores any where near them and I feel so blessed that we have one here in town, 3 two towns over, and another only 40 min away!

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Hope hubby is better now and that you don't get whatever he has!!

    Hmm... can't wait to see what it is you are working on, sounds really neat!

    I've been trying to organize too. It just seems like everything just got thrown everywhere this past year and it is a mess... don't even know where to start. Ugh!

    Hey, we started snowing here around 9:30 pm. Did you get any? We weren't supposed to get it until later at night but it came early. Got about an inch total. It's done now and the ground is covered. It's pretty but the roads are dry so no snow day for the kids tomorrow like they want, haha.

    Wishing you a productive week of crafting~ =]


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