Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, where have I been?

Hello everyone sorry I have been MIA lately. I haven't been feeling real good, I have been busy with some business, and darn it I feel tired all the time!!

We put up a fence today for Rango and Shelby a little picket fence!! And guess What...................

Shelby is mad and pouty, Because she can no longer take off to where ever she may want to! I am Happy with that, I do not have to stand outside and holler for her because she has gone off too far.

And this one the little Brat Rango!!! I am not HAPPY with, She Can squeeze through the pickets and get out! so now it seems we have to add some smaller boards along the bottom of it. WOW we worked all day on this project and now it appears we will be doing the same thing tomorrow.Sorry I have not commented on your blogs today, I have read everyone's wonderful New Year Posts. I promise this next week, that I am going to attempt to comment more on the blogs I follow and love to read.

Wow a New Year (Already) Where does time go to? But you know something through my worrying the past couple of weeks about some things, and my not feeling well. I just realized something, sort of late in life as far as I am concerned!

I see so many say the same thing I always have. It seems the older we get the faster time flies by. That is of course not the truth at all. Read on...........

While outside today I wished for this, Green plants, Spring time *Yes maybe even the occasional little snake* You can keep the large ones LOL! Oh my we did have beautiful weather today. It is suppose to turn cold tomorrow!

As much as I want spring time to get here, warm weather. Time to enjoy the outdoors and Nature. It will get here when it does, and it won't be long. So stop so to speak, smell the flowers, even if you are smelling a candle while the weather prevents the flowers from growing!!

Last week one morning I found myself looking at the clock on my computer while I was making some important calls, thinking I wonder how long this one will take, I have things to get done! Well I stopped when I got off of the phone and I thought, What is wrong with me? I can not adjust the time, no matter what I do a second clicks away to the minutes, the minutes turn into hours etc.

So I slowed down the remainder of the day, and oh my I got more done in that one day then I normally do.
I felt good, no I felt GREAT. I enjoyed the day!

Sometimes I believe I for one, cause time to fly faster. With my stress, work load, schedule, errands, housework, gee I am busy! As I am sure all of you are.

I have decided to approach this new year in a New Way. Yes I have my resolution Goals written down
I have things planned to accomplish.........But my first one on my list to to slow down.

Please let me explain, I still intend to get many things made, have my monthly giveaways, I hope to sell a lot of my creations this year, my goals are still set high, the list is long. But I intend to enjoy each day of my life.

To stop myself from letting time get away from me, to Slow down by still working hard, but to stop fretting, and to take my time, Because a hour can last an hour........or you can live life in such a rush, that it seems an hour goes by too quickly! Either way I promise you there are the same minutes in an hour. It does not change a thing to rush everything right on by!

I wish each one of you a Very Happy New Year, filled with Joy, Happiness, Health, and Love, and the time to enjoy everything you do! 



  1. Dear Friend,
    Here you are!! I emailed you recently cuz I was getting worried. I'm glad that it's because you are busy and
    not due to a bad illness. I know you haven't been feeling well and the tired feeling must be miserable. But with your new attitude, you will most definitely feel refreshed and get your energy back.
    You have so much to offer the arts and crafts world. DON'T EVER STOP
    doing what you do best!!
    I'm so happy that I met you and
    2012 is going to be a blast for us. I'm proud to call you my friend.
    Happy, Healthy & Properous New Year to you and your husband,

  2. Oh my goodness...they are SUPER CUTE!!! My two schnauzers are just as bad. It's their nature they like to explore. Hope you have a great new years. Btw loved the post it's true.

  3. Thank you for the truth Brenda. You are so right in what you said. Happy New Year.


  4. I think we are all worn out from the holidays, I haven't been much of anything this week. I love that snake shot, might make a nice art piece.


  5. You are so right about time flying, and how good it is to slow down, and sometimes we even accomplish more that way. My word for 2012 is Listen, which requires a bit of slowing down. If you choose a word for the year, visit my blog and share it please.

  6. Happy New Year Brenda!!


  7. Your doggies are so cute, even the little stinker, haha!

    Brenda, you are so very right! There is nothing we can do to change the way the time flies... we can only find a way to enjoy every second of it!

    Happy New Year to you, my friend~

  8. Brenda,
    I've noticed the older I get...the faster time flies by. I've had something happen to me that really was a wake up call to me...and I'm making some better changes to my life because of it.
    Happy New Year!!

  9. A very Happy New Year to you dear Brenda.

    Live, Love, Laugh & Lounge

  10. Now that's the ticket gal! I like reading that you're gonna slow down.
    ☆ A BIG New Years hug ☆ to spread a little Love and Happiness ☆ Have a Happy and Healthy New Year ☆
    ☆ Happy New Year ☆

  11. I'm with you sweetie~ All the rush and stress get you no further.Enjoy the little things of each day.Happy New Year! May you have Joy and Blessings abundant!~Amy

  12. The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!
    You got it right, Kiddo. No point to all the rushing. Never more than 60 minutes in any hour..... I prefer slow and easy myself!
    We have escape artists in our group, too. They should all be called Houdini!
    Warmest wishes for you in 2012. I know it will be a great one.
    Big hugs! Linda

  13. Brenda,
    I can always seem to relate to your posts. I believe as women, we are all pushed to our limits everyday, but somehow are always able to over come. I too have some decisions to make over the next couple of months and decide what is most important to me at this time in my life.
    Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!!
    Warm Wishes

  14. I couldn't stay mad at em long. Could have done without the snake picture. Green, black don't matter. Me don't like em. Happy New Year!!!!

  15. Those cute little rascals needing a fence-better to be safe and know where they are! You need to put that Rango it a "time-out!" lol
    Hang in there my friend and take time to smell the roses. I've noticed the older I get the quicker time flies too. It's all good!

  16. Happy New Year Brenda!!!
    I hope you have many joys throughout the year!!!
    Prim Blessings

  17. My feelings exactly, I spend so much time fussing over the next project/event/chore that I don't always enjoy the one that I am doing. Great words of encouragement.

    Happy New Year!


  18. Happy New year to you. Your dog is adorable too!

  19. Oh those dogs keep you on your toes and building a fortress!! Good luck with your New Year's goals. I too am dreaming of spring. Although today wasn't so far off. We went to the part to play. -Steph-

  20. What little cuties! Hope you do good with your goals...I'm not very good at I don't make any. LOL Happy New Year, Janice

  21. Running woefully behind on blogging these days, but am taking a break from the books and checking in with some of my favorite people. So very sorry to have missed so many posts of yours...Yikes...was I really away that long??? You are so, so, right - there are always only 60 minutes in an hour. Wish I were better at remembering that little fact. I don't do resolutions (other than resolving not to make any resolutions and that I can usually stick to....), but I do have a word for the year, and that it "balance." It sort of seems to sum it all up if you know what I mean....And even if I don't achieve "perfect" balance, getting "more" balanced will still be a very good thing. Wishing you, my friend, a wonderful new year overflowing with joy, promise, and blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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