Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can you tell a Difference?

Ok so I suppose I have a confession to make, I am lost in olden times, I am way FAR behind LOL
I have had my old camera for many many years and I am by no means a good picture taker. I know
The proper term is Photographer but that is too fancy of a word for this OLE gal!!
My old Camera was out of date, you could not stand close to an object it made it blur, I could zoom but not much *yes I am a cheap person* No I won't spend lots of money on an object! LOL
I did not spend much for this one either but Wow it does much more then the other one did, It is all Greek and I am lost!!

Advice............This was taken with my old camera

It was cropped and edited in a program

This is the one I just took with the new Camera

Close up no Zoom, no cropping, no editing?? Tell me what you think??


  1. I like the top one best!

    Not sure if that is what you wante to hear.

    FYI....I am no pro either!

  2. I would say the white balance is way off.
    Other than the yellow shade, they seem the same to me.


  3. I think the new camera did a pretty darn good job.
    Especially with no editing, etc.

    I need a new camera too.
    My problem is I have no knowledge of them.
    My photos always look blurry to me.
    And now that my daughter borrowed it... it is even worse.

    *If you did a little editing to the 2nd photo to brighten it a bit, I think it would look perfect.


  4. I think your first pic is better, second one is fuzzy. What kind of camera did you get? Using auto can be good, if you have a macro setting try that. Practice practice practice.

  5. I hate getting new camera and trying to figure them out.
    I like the first pic. but would like it to be a little closer the second one is to yellow. I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time!
    Have fun with it!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Hi, Brenda, they both look good to me cuz one of those little ladies is coming to live in Massachusetts!
    I think the first picture is clearer and brighter, however. But perhaps with editing the second would be crisp and bright. It is a good photo to me but I'm not experienced with picture taking for the web like the other gals. Sorry I can't help more.
    Warm Holiday Wishes To Everyone,

  7. The old one does look better! I hope your day today goes better, my friend! No bah hum time! heehee! ♥

  8. I think once the Greek becomes English and you tweek all the settings, you are going to love the new camera. Considering the top photo was shopped and the bottom one wasn't. Keep practicing and the bottom will eventually look like the top without the photoshop. -Steph-

  9. Oh - you're so talking to the wrong person here Girlfriend....My son bought me my first digital camera almost 2 years ago now and I still can't figure it out. If I use auto, they come out way to bright (overexposed almost), but without, they tend to get yellowish and blurry....and I have been practicing! Some photos I see people put on their blogs are so crisp and clear and perfect - and I ask what kind of camera they use and, inevitably, it's just a cheapy. Mine was expensive - and my pictures stink....Guess it's the operator??? ;o) Good luck Sweetie....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I think the second one shows more detail, but the color is not the greatest.

    I've had my camera for a year and just recently discovered an "indoor" setting!! It still can use the flash but the pictures come out more natural looking and not so bright... or dark with the obvious look that the flash went off.

    My suggestion is to take pictures using each setting and see how they turn out. I *really* hate reading the manual and trying to understand all the settings just by reading. There are so many things cameras can do these days, too much for me to completely comprehend, especially all at once. I like to take things slow... one thing at a time!


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