Monday, November 21, 2011

Would Like to Take this time to

Wishing Each and Everyone of You a Happy Thanksgiving Week

Revising this post............OH my word, does Vacation mean that you are OFF work?? Work called Hubby and I guess that means he is not on Vacation. This has been one of those weeks, One I do not need to go into detail about, I can assure you of that !!

Plans did not go as planned for this week? But this is why I do not often make plans they never seem to work out? I am doing hand work to keep my mind busy right now. I will be back in the full swing of things the day after Thanksgiving.

I will share with you a giveaway win that I got later this week, and a few new available to ship now items

Wanted to remind you all of a Wonderful Giveaway going on over at **The Primitive and Folk Artists Blog**

As well as my Giveaway ***Click here to Sign Up***

Wanted to Share my latest Santa with you **He is listed Here** He is a design by Jenn of Bittersweet Prims. And to find many more wonderful offering for the Winter Wonderland Celebration by the Etsy PAFA team you can click ****HERE****

Hubby is on Vacation, We are putting up a little picket fence finally so our dogs can run free in their yard!!
I am so glad this is getting done, Wish I had some new pictures to share. Rango is growing so fast and Shelby well she is growing also, she is getting Wider LOL........Have a Great Week!!

For those of you missing your loved ones this week, my thoughts and prayers are with you.



  1. Thanks Brenda. Happy TDay to you and yours.
    Linda the Mousemaker

  2. Brenda, just love your designs. Santa is too cute. Enjoy the week with your hubby. Mine is off too. I hope to be lazy, but bet he has other ideas. Always so much to do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.

  3. I love the Santa's nose and eyes. Your creations all turn out so cute. I hope you enjoy the week and have a Happy Thanksgiving. -Steph-

  4. Sweet, sweet, Santa Brenda! Hope the fence project goes smoothly - that will be so nice for the girls....Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving week as well....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love your Santa, Brenda; he's just too cute!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday together!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. Well wishes for your parents.
    Lovin' Santa's fancy duds :-)
    Ah yes, alas the "thicker" syndrome we all arrive at from the aging process. Not fatter, but thicker... lol.


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