Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Winter Wonderland Giveaway and a Special Gift

Good Morning Friends, it is sort of brisk outside this morning, a Perfect fall morning with the Chill in the Air
It seems that the chill is getting Cooler every night YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..........I do not want it to get cold!
But it must be on it's way because my pains are aching!! My ankle is starting to swell up, arthritis, the ole knee is starting to catch, arthritis, and the hip is sort of sore, ARTHRITIS! LOL, time to go get me some extra bottles of Aleve!!

The Primitive and Folk Artists Etsy Team has launched their **Winter Wonderland Giveaway**

So be sure and go **HERE** to sign up today all prizes will go to one Winner this time!!
Here is my donation to the giveaway

A Mitten Ornament, A gingerbread Ornament and a Crow Ornament

On another note I got mail yesterday, something I needed so badly because I was waiting to dress a snowman, poor little fella is getting kind of chilly here sitting naked LOL

***SWEET Linda of Parker's Paradise*** Sent me an Army Blanket!! Thank you so much I needed that so badly Be watching the mail box of yours soon Linda, seems Santa loves you as much as we do!!!

I finished this simple Santa yesterday No he is not an ornament I just hung him on the tree for pictures, I stayed up too late last night, so I need to go grab me some coffee and get to work

Have a Wonderful Day


  1. Brenda, I love your Santa. He is just adorable!!


  2. I love your Santa too! You are tempting me to order Christmas...but ...i will not!!! Lol...

  3. I am always looking for good wool blankets, hard to find, and i use them for projects, so don't want to pay much;) I think santa looks great in the tree, great way for a photo op.


  4. Love the Santa...very cute!!Did you change your header? I noticed it's all winter now...not ready for winter yet...even though our winter is very mild!

  5. Sweet Santa my friend....The snow we got yesterday is making me long for some fa la la's....but the way I'm going, I'll be happy to have Halloween taken down by December 24th.... Sad I know.... Glad Linda came through with a blanket for you...can't be having any frosty, naked, snow folk out there! Have a great Thursday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. It's getting colder here too :( I am not ready for the snow, but it's coming anyways. I think we are even supposed to get some tonight....thankfully it won't stick around. Love your little ornaments, I am off to sign up.

  7. I am so glad it got there safely and that it fulfills your needs!
    I will continue to look for these and, if you can think of anything else, I'll look for that, too! I'm not always successful, but I do love to have a goal when I go searching! LOL

  8. Yipee, the PAFA giveaway has started! Love you donation to the cause Brenda, someone is going to be very lucky to win all those goodies. Love you Santa, he is prim perfect! Deb

  9. Oh, I love your donations for the giveaway gal and know the winner will love them too :-) What a cool army blanket for crafting with. That Linda is a lifesaver isn't she and a sweet one :-)


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