Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Morning

Good Monday Morning!!!!!! Or is it???????

Oh my word ok, so we did not turn our time back until last night when we went to bed. Yes I went to bed
Girls aren't you proud of me, I just decided to go to bed at 10:30 but dang it now I wish I wouldn't of !!

Won't you share a cup of coffee with me, oh wait a minute I need to make another POT!!! yep I have already finished one, and probably in record breaking time for me !!

Time change has yet again messed with my mind, I have been up since 3:24 AM, hmmm I should be dragging before noon LOL! I have no clue why time change has always affected my body so much, I am a creature of habit!

And it messes with my habits LOL.......And let's have another cup shall we, I should be so wound up in a little while that I will just be bouncing off the walls !!

If  the time change is not enough, or the other various things that have gone wrong lately???? LOL

I went for a walk in our yard the other day while outside with Shelby and Rango, to pick up sticks for snowmen. Well a couple of years ago I had my first experience with poison sumac, it grows in the thicket across the road from us. Now all my life I have been able to sit in poison anything and never catch it!!

Not only has time changed I HAVE changed !! Oh Age, it is so special !!! Each year adds such wonderful joyful surprises ! 

It seems we have Poison Ivy growing under one of our trees, We have a yard full of Oak Trees. And a couple of cedars thrown in. Well It appears that I got into the poison ivy I have one little patch on my arm, hmm not bad in fact it is already drying up. But I must of slept with the arm under my face, because I now have it in my left eye, YUP you heard me!! It feels better and that is a good thing because I was going to be going to the Doc today for a shot if not!!! 

Ok so they say things happen in threes................This is the Third thing so can life go back to normal now??

If there is remotely any such thing as normal right now!! LOL. I am sure by now most have heard that Oklahoma had a 5.6 Earthquake Saturday night ! Yes we felt that one, my Mother had just told me Saturday morning on the phone that Friday night she was awoken by one?? Seems there were several over the weekend. They were all centered 45 miles east of where she lives at. So she felt them more then we did, but the one Saturday night moved our little mobile home. LOL!! It is normal for Oklahoma to have an average of 50 a year but you never really feel them??? 

Now let's discuss the weather shall we?? Oh my gosh I am all over the place with this post !!!!
I am not complaining because we all love I love it because I dread Winter !!!! And the longer fall lasts the shorter Winter is!!  It has been so nice here, in fact we had to turn our air back on last night. But now we are suppose to have thunderstorms for the next two days, nothing severe !! hmmm.......maybe time change is messing with the earth LOL!!

I have a long list of To Do things to accomplish today and this should be me by Noon if not sooner !!!

Gee have you ever done one of those senseless posts where you know the best thing to have done was to hit the delete button ?????? Yes I should have a Glorious Monday morning, maybe I should go climb back in bed instead..............No I will stay up Hope you all have a Wonderful Start to a Great New Week !!!!


  1. You are so funny. You started my day with a laugh at your expense. I am so sorry:) Hope things settle down a bit and that you have finally changed your clocks!! Earthquakes are very scary. We had them all the time in Alaska and I never got used to them. -Steph-

  2. Oh yeah, the itchy stuff. I was impervious to it when I was younger too, but now... keep away!
    I missed that news of your earthquake. My goodness, you just have all the excitement gal :o)

  3. Good morning, my friend! We are encased in FOG but I am planning a sunny day! heehee! Hope you have a wonderful day, too! ♥

  4. Hope that heals quickly, me I get it too, love your heart, maybe just the telling of it all will make it better! Smiling your way, have a great week!

  5. Good morning Brenda!!

    Have a great week~Becky

  6. Well at least you got your clock turned back even if it was a day late. I'm sorry to hear you have poison in your eye, that's yucky. Glad you didn't have damage from the earthquake either. Hope this week goes better for you Brenda.


  7. Eeewww, poison ivy in your eye? That does not sound good at all!! You are so funny, you are bouncing all over the place aren't you? LOL!! You have a good day hon!!


  8. Hey Brenda, my brick house was shaking on Saturday night! The wing chair I was in shook and the floor lamp beside me.
    I even heard the house making noise! I heard on tv that you have to have earthquake rider on your insurance, or you won't be covered, who would a thought? Poison ivy, you poor gal! I have some things to tell ya, about it.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Poison ivy does not sound I'm starting to itch! You had an earthquake to boot...not fun...I live in the land of they say...but I hardly ever feel them unless it is a really big one! I guess we get used to them here...but the thunder storm and sounds scary!!

  10. You make me laugh :D I am so sorry to hear about the poison ivy, yikes near your eye, I can't imagine! I hope you are still awake and sewing carefully as to not get any fingers with the coffee shakes ;)

    I hope you have a great day and get a restful nights sleep!

  11. Yikes....look what a little sleep and a lot of caffeine does to you! ;o) You crack me up.... Sorry to hear about the poison ivy - I itch for you....I'm hyper-allegeric - as I child I would have to get shots - all I had to do was LOOK at the stuff and I'd be covered - even in my mouth....Sure hope I don't catch it over the internet! And air conditioning - really? Wow - we've been running the furnace since the early September....highs the rest of this week are only supposed to be in the low 30's....w/ that "s" stuff on not ready....Well, hope you haven't crashed and burnt by now....and hope your week is off to a wonderful start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. I have lots of those days, lol.
    You do know that sumac doesn't spread?
    You probably got it on your hand and rubbed your eye.
    We get it in growth areas, so you don't know till you start itching, not fun. I got it a lot as a child and now never get it and my husband never had it and now he gets it, lol.


  13. Oh gosh! That's terrible! I hope it clears up soon. I've had poison ivy rashes myself -- very miserable.

  14. I"m just giggling and thinking maybe you have already had enough!!! Katie

  15. THe time change messes with me hard to. I hate it!

    Sorry about the poision ivy. Yuk!

    Carmen and the Primcats


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