Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shelby and Rango go to A new Groomer

Well What started out as a Day we hoped to wrap up by noon and get back home ended up lasting until after 3 PM??? And yes it put a dent in my production time, so I am looking at a late night of sewing here!! We shall see

We started out at 9 AM and drove about an hour to run some errands. We had an appointment at 11 for the dogs to get groomed. Why did we leave so early well it takes an hour to get there LOL........oh the joys of living so far away from stuff!! So we stopped at a Hobby Lobby YEAH!! I needed to so badly, I ran in and picked up a few things then across the highway to The groomers we were about 15 minutes early. They tell us three hours RIGHT?? keep reading I will explain LOL

We went next door to Academy sports and shopped some. Then back across the highway to Home Depot

We had an element out on our hot water tank and if you used the hot water it took all day for it to heat back up. We have a tiny hot water tank, and we decided to get a larger one. So we do our shopping there, get done and decide we have an hour to kill?? What now I mean we were in Sherman Texas and there is every store in the world you would want to shop at, but we are not big shoppers. And not knowing the area there was no way we were going to attempt to look for antique or prim stores LOL......And oh my word the traffic!!

Oh ok back to the dogs we park in the parking lot about an hour early and sit in the pick up and people watched, we were at a Petsmart so we watched lots of people and their dogs going in and out of the store. Yes this was about 1:10 the dogs should be done by 2!! Good we are both ready to get back home. Hot water tank strapped in the bed of the pickup and dreading the chore of unloading it and installing it.

So about 1:30 I go into the store to see how long it will be, another hour?? WHAT...........they were swamped!! Go back out to the truck and sit awhile about 2:15 I go back in!! Still not done but I got to watch through the window from behind a shelf LOL............I knew better then to let them see me.

LOOK at me I caused it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And by the Way this mug of mine was Snow White when mommy and daddy brought me home
But I had to go outside to potty and I played in the dirt!!!!

I didn't Help

We just wanted to play
And Yep that is dirt on my face too, I had to help Rango dig, Still not sure what she was digging for 
we never got anything * But in Trouble That darn Puppy* Before I brought her into this world I 
didn't get in as much trouble as I do now? What were they thinking?? 

They got done by different groomers and at first they had them on tables next to each other, Bad idea they said they just kept barking at each other
So they moved them to where there was a table between them. Now it took two groomers to do Rango the little snot, they had to stop about every ten minutes and hug her and let her love them, YUP I watched she was just giving them girls lots of kisses. She was a handful she did not like it at all!! One had to hold her to her chest and look at her back through a mirror and shave her back OMG!!!!!

And Shelby !! Now we all know from previous stories I have told that all she does is Yelp from the time I drop her off to the time I picked her up. WOW a Man groomed her, they call him the animal calmer !! He raises Horses and they say he just has a way with animals. I watched as this guy groomed Shelby, she did not Cry she was such a good Girl. And she liked him??? WOW

So they got Treats and Halloween Squeaky Toys too!! Yep those should drive me nuts!! I had just gotten rid of the last worn out Squeaky Toy!!

Treats Treats, I got Treats!!!!!!!!!!

And here she is standing up for her treats she will stand like this forever LOL
So the Hot water Tank is sitting outside * Under the deck it is suppose to Rain tonight*, seems we were both so worn out, that will be a project tomorrow, and yes Hubby got someone to help him so I can Sew!! 
Not sure if I am going to stay up late or get up EARLY and bust my tail tomorrow!!!
Hope you are all having a great weekend.



  1. When I use to work at a groomers, we had people drop them off in the morning and pick up late afternoon, tough when you do a lot of dogs in one day. They look so cute though.


  2. What a day my friend...but Oh - that last shot of Rango standing up is so worth it!! What an adorable little pup she is....And, arghhh - can feel your pain with the hot water heater - we have some nasty hard well water here and it zaps out our hot water heater element with disgusting regularity.... Hope you don't have to do too much mopping!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. They are both so cute! Glad that Shelby got the Dog Whisperer, hope he's there next time for you. ~Ann

  4. Love your little doggies, can't they make you laugh, and oh that uncomditonal love, don't you just love them. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Hugs, Lecia

  5. I get it about living far away from stuff...we're way out in the boondocks too.

    LOVE the new doggy-do's. Well, er, you know what I mean. :~D

  6. OMG.......Just love how cute they are!!! I always HATE dropping Colby off by 8AM and sometimes we never get him till 5! He hates it there.....BUT they treat him like the BIG baby he is and let him sit on the front desk the whole time he is there...they never put him in a cage:)

  7. Omg they are so cute!!! My 2 are always so tired when they come home from the groomers. And a couple of stinkers digging in the dirt... Kids will be kids.

  8. Loved seeing these pics, Brenda!! The last one especially! I got my 'run' into Hobby Lobby the other day, too! Where did we go before it came along??!!

  9. I work at a kennel and we have eveeryone drop the dogs off between 8-9am and pick up is between 4-6pm. Trust me things never go as planned! Your babies are beautiful!

  10. This makes me laugh!!! Your dogs are cute. -Steph-

  11. Too, too funny!
    Our youngest is afraid of other people. Yelps the whole time they are around. Our financial adviser was here last week and she barked at him the whole hour he was here.
    Babies just need a lot of reassurance.
    They look wonderful. I adore them!


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