Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A home remedy for Sore Fingers from sewing

Good Morning everyone, Gee someone turned fall on in full force this morning in Oklahoma YUCK!! Now I love fall when it is pretty out and not too chilly but DANG!! We had a front move through with Thunderstorms last night heavy rain which we so badly needed, just did not last long enough!! And major lightening. So we awoke this morning to high winds and Chilly chilly air.......oh I so dread Cold winter months.
Where my everything hurts LOL yup all the aches and pains kick in!

One thing about it my Babies did not want to stay out long this morning LOL...........guess it is almost time to drag out Shelby's sweater, and whip one up for Rango.

Now on with the Title of this post. My Fingers take a beating, if you sew a lot yours probably do as well!!
When I was young, *I probably still do* I had a vitamin deficiency and the skin under my nails would peel and my hands would get sore. A doctor suggested this remedy and it does help.

Yes Olive Oil, take it and heat it on the stove pour it into a pie pan. Make sure it is as warm as you can stand it to be. Soak your fingers for about 15 minutes then before drying or cleaning. Rub the oil into your nails, cuticles, calluses, etc.. Then clean your hands. It is great for your nails. I would show you a picture of my fingers *But they are not Pretty*  and at the moment they have already gone to work this morning and my nails have stain and paint in them. Oh Yes we have to love the results of our hard labor LOL

My MIL informed me this past weekend it is also great to use on your hair as an Oil Treatment, I may have to try that one?

My fingers look like human pincushions my thumb, forefinger, and middle finger on my right hand have holes all in the ends of them LOL. And my knuckles have calluses from cutting things out!

OK NUFF said about all that just thought I would share. And remind everyone that I have another giveaway going on.............be sure and sign up ****Right Here****

For a chance to win a Ginger on a Vintage rusty Cheese Grater, Still looking for cheese graters and sifter cups. I have some coming in the mail, but I will need more of these. 

Have a wonderful day Back to work I go............Oh I love my Job. I really do!


  1. if that works on thehands how about the feet? LOL LOL great tip!

  2. I have to go to the eye doctor on May and I'm soooo wanting to STAY IN BED! Tooooo COLD FOR ME!



  3. I will have to try the olive oil. My hand hurt not from sewing but from weaving. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for sharing this tip. From years of sewing and all those pin pricks my finger tips are always numb. I will give this a try. Same cold front passed us by, 41 degrees is chilly after all those 100 degree days. Cold weather on my day off, that's OK, I have to shovel out my sewing/craft room!!

  5. Cold here also Brenda...I finally had to turn the furnace on last night! I DO NOT like the cold either and thanks for the tip!!


  6. Hey Brenda, I do suffer terrible with whats known as trigger finger, its where damage to the tendons on the top finger joint has resulted in nodules forming, looks a bit like arthirits and in a 43 year old thats not good!

    Will give your remedy a go, anything that keeps my fingers from seizing up is worth a try!

    Have a good day,

  7. Thanks for this tip Brenda - My sister has a horrible time with your fingers peeling and such and has tried almost everything - but I don't think she's tried this one.....Will share with her. We've been chilly and have had relentless winds for the past 5 days....Have our leaves made it to Oklahoma yet? ;o) Stay warm girl....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Who knew. EVO is useful for more than cooking. Thanks for the tip. My hands hurt so after I sew. -Steph-

  9. Thanks Brenda for the tip!I will try it and pass it along to mom.We are getting the thunderstorms and rain tonight,cooler temps for the rest of the week.Hugs,Jen

  10. We've got cold and rainy too.
    I'll have to try that olive oil on hubby's hands. They get dry working with the wood ya know.
    Yep, get those sweaters out for the doggies :-)


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