Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Already

Gee do I sound like I am on a broken record here, complaining once again about time just flying by.
Where does it go to, I feel like I am missing something, maybe if I were not so busy I should go outside and enjoy the cooler weather we are having.

Gave the girls a bath again, every time I think now I will get a picture of Rango she gets her little White mug
into something and well, some times we have to wait for it to just wear off, because it will not come clean!!
What was I thinking wanting to keep the white one. Oh listen to me Shame on me, she is well loved actually too much if that is possible. I call her Squirt all the time LOL. She is growing so fast and she has an attitude, she thinks she is one tough pup?

Seems these days all I take pictures of are my creations, which reminds me don't forget to sign up for my current giveaway you can find it in the left sidebar.

Also if you are looking to purchase items for Craft show fillers or for your shop I do sell wholesale simple email me to be invited to my wholesale blog, remember to put wholesale in the subject line.
Sorry things are not more interesting to share these days, I will slow down soon, I miss visiting your blogs!



  1. I know what it is to be too busy, I just told somebody I haven't sat on my porch all year & that's sad lol, missed my 1st show of the year, the 2nd one's not looking too good but the 2 day Christmas show well if I do then I've got a lot of sewing to catch up on, maybe I'll sew on the porch LOL

  2. Time is flying by here too....seems each passing season and year goes by quicker than the last. Could it be age? Nahh....I'm not buying it! ;o) And, you know, Miss Brenda - Lil Miss Rango doesn't have to be all white and clean and perfect for us to enjoy photos of know us prim gals don't mind a little grunging here and there!! Hope you find some you space....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. LOVE that Gingerbread doll, Brenda!!!

  4. I know how you feel about time flying by! Your little ginger sure is cute!!!

  5. If time flies by when your having fun I bet you are just giddy with it. -Steph-

  6. Hi, Brenda, the girls must be sweet together. We knew Rango was a little devil right from the start, huh? Too cute.
    The ginger girl is sweet, but I love the snowman in the newsletter (on the left).
    Keep craftin'.
    Warm Regards,Susan B.,Western MA


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