Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wow where did the week go? A new section in my Etsy shop

Gee time flies I can not believe it has been a week since I last posted?

Yes we still have both puppies I am now trying to find a home just to give
little jackzie away, but I am being picky I want to know it is someone that will
keep her groomed and taken to the vet!!

I have been busy getting a couple of wholesale orders started for the holidays
And yes I am fixing to send in payment and obligate myself to a Fall Festival
Craft show in November, I am excited about this I have missed doing shows.

I added a new section to my Etsy Shop this morning

I have single ornaments listed and will be adding more to it in the next few days
With the option to order three or more ornies and get a discount

The weather looks scary for some hope you are safe if you are in the projected
path of this new hurricane
Last night on the news they informed us that we have had 58 days this summer of
100 plus temps SIGH
This is the forecast for this week

We still need rain so badly It is so dry here, the leafs are falling
And the danger of wildfires is just out of control!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe


  1. Your Christmas ornaments are cute; good for you in being productive. I pray your area receives plenty of gentle rain soon. Terra

  2. OK...........love the crow....BUT I want a BIG one like him for my door..so I'll email you!PS....let me know when your coming to the Cape with Jazie....he'll love it here!

  3. Oh my wish I was closer to get that little jackzie! I wanted one so bad then hubby got the beagle(yes love the little fat boy but not a girlie dog)..smile..Love the ornies will have to check out your etsy later today.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. I hope you find a great home for Jackzie!

    I also hope you get some good moisture. I don't like seeing triple digit temps! We're at 93F right now and I am not going outside till it cools off later. I hate the heat.

    Off to check out the new section of your shop. I wish I had the mojo to create as much as you do. ;)

    Blessings, Jessica

  5. We are getting cooler temps, so can't complain.
    Love you new creations and of course the puppies. I have my hands full, as it is, can't handle any more;)


  6. Love your new ornies :)
    Stay cool, we are under heat advisory again today through Thursday, I can't wait for the cooler weather.
    Have a great day~Stacy

  7. Your new ornies are adorable, Brenda!! (And, hey....who doesn't love a crow?!) ;o) Good luck with finding a home for Jackzie - I would think folks would be standing in line for her sweetness!! We're getting some pretty nasty weather here - but no extreme heat in some time, thankfully. Praying for cool breezes and gentle rains for your area....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I thought those temps looked familiar - I live in Edmond. :) Nice to meet a fellow Okie.

    You have a lovely Etsy shop!

  9. Your new items look wonderful...I'm looking forward to some cooler temps we sure need them. Would love to know where you will be attending a fall festival at. It would be nice to come see all the handmade crafts!

  10. Cool, a new section! Progression is great ay? I was just placing some of your beauties in my new old shadow box.
    Sounds like the puppis are wearing you out.

  11. We FINALLY had about 15 minutes of rain a couple days ago. Not nearly enough, you couldn't tell it rained after about an hour. It dried up that quickly. It looks like winter here, the grass is brown, and there are no leaves on the trees. This is usually a beautiful time of year, but not this one. The deer are coming in our yards every night to eat grass, because that's all they have to eat, poor babies. I hope it ends for both of us soon!

  12. Hi, Brenda, that's a nice addition to your Etsy shop, I like it. Your ornaments are
    perfect prim tree trimmers. I'll do a rain dance for you.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA


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