Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Water is Hot!! And the girls are getting Hair cuts today

Good Morning
I am sure that so many are dealing with these horrible temps this summer
But I have to share this info with you

First off I live at Lake Texoma which borders the states of Texas and Oklahoma
It is one of the largest lakes in the United states. It has a surface area of 89,000 acres

Now that is a lot of water *which by the way is down almost 7 feet from no rain!*

Well we exceeded are temps that were predicted yesterday and
it reached 110 here for today and tomorrow they are predicting 109 and 110 with the chance of up to 112 in some areas
I stopped paying attention to the heat index awhile back
Can't change it can only pray for a break
Last night on our news they reported the lake temps at 90 degrees
OMG!!! they said it is the hottest in the history of records!!!

Tooooooo hot to go fishing I am sure the fish are deep in that water
to get some relief from the Heat anyway
And this lake is a deep one!
No wonder I haven't been swimming this year *Sigh*
My aches are hurting my pains LOL and to think I dread winter because
of arthritis pains
It is pretty darn bad when you go to bed with temps in the 90's and you wake up to
the same then by 10 am it is already in the 100's

The Girls are going to get beautified today
here is a picture of Shelby when she was their age
They are all three going in for grooming this afternoon
I will get pictures to share this evening
Tomorrow is Shelby's Big day she goes in for her surgery

I have work to catch up on sewing sewing sewing here
Have a great day and stay cool where ever you are


  1. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible that heat must be. My hubby is from TX...moved up here 10 years ago and he thinks the 90+ temps we've been getting are nothing...LOL I feel like I'm melting when it's that hot!

  2. Good Morning, Brenda,
    Holy Smokes that is hot. I was wondering about you down south there the other day. It was too hot to do anything outside here!

    Can't wait to see your babies after their day at the puppy spa!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday ~Natalie

  3. Good Golly Brenda, That is HOT! I feel for you. Scarey kinda, especially for all the older folk and those with health and breathing problems. You sure be careful going out. Here it is going to be close to 100 and even with those temp. I hate having to get out and in a hot car. Bet those babies will enjoy being pampered. You have a great day. Stay inside and stay cool.

  4. Wow Brenda, that is something! Can't even imagine a lake that size being that hot! Wishing I could send you some of our beautifully cool air this morning. It was 54 and sunny about an hour ago.
    Those pups are adorable!
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. You need to come north for the summer, lol.
    We are going to be in the low 80's, a few showers here and there and nice sea breezes. I would die if I had to live in such heat, I guess you get used to it, somewhat. I pray for relief in the states that need rain.


  6. I can't even wrap my little crow head around that kind of intense, prolonged, heat. Wowsers. And for a lake to be that warm - well, that's just WRONG!! Praying for some relief for you all....Stay safe....Will feel good for the girls at least to be groomed.....Adorable picture of Shelby....her grays are so pretty!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Holy crap! You'd be catching fish that have already started to cook!
    Swimming could be dangerous if you have sensitive skin. My goodness! This will be a year that we are happy to have the season change! Things are definitely drying up around here, too.
    torrential rains in Colorado----wonder if they have any really long hoses...........

  8. OMGosh! Those poor fish, you poor humans... lol. Everything about the weather has been record breaking this year. What's next? Take care and stay cool:)

  9. Good heavens, Brenda, but that is some hot temps!!! I was sweating out in the heat the other day and it was only 95 here (actual temp). Lake water gets dangerous at those temps in the shallow parts. If you swim, do like the fish and swim deep!!
    Such cute little 'girls'! I take it no one has taken the other gray one ....can't remember it's name....not surprising as I tend to forget my own from time to time!! Stay cool!

  10. Holy Cow!! I've never heard of water getting that warm. Sheeesh. I feel sorry for you guys. Your dogs are so cute. My mom has one too and I know how they feel after they have been cut and groomed. So soft and nice.


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