Thursday, August 4, 2011

OH my I am so LOST

This is Bad real Bad!!

You know the old saying you feel like someone has cut off your right arm?

You just can't function without something is it addiction or is it LOVE?
I Have had the worse day!!
This morning at 8:15 Miss Shelby and I took a ride
When we got to town and stopped at the only stop light there is LOL
She whimpered because she thought I was going to the post office
and leaving her in the truck
Well I did not turn the corner and when we pulled away from the light
and continued down the road she bounces over beside me in the seat and
lays her head on my leg and looks up with those Eyes
They just scream *I love you!*

Well we continue down the highway to the next town
And when I pull into the vets drive
She looses it she is yelping by this time
*What Mom REALLY two days in a roll You are letting someone pick on me?*

We walk into the Vet's and she is trembling in my arms and whining!

And then it happens I hand her to the assistant
And she can see me leaving
OH my her world has come to an end!!

Yes I have called she is fine but I sure am NOT
I have been lost today without my companion
yes I have these the puppies to keep me company
But I sure miss my BABY

We are suppose to go out to eat with friends this evening
To celebrate their anniversary and ours
*I know I will worry about Shelby all night long*
I pick her up at 9 AM in the morning and I can't wait!!
She is not going to be happy with me at all
Thank you for not thinking I am a sappy nut case
I just love my fur babies


  1. My Mollie SMELLS the Vet's Office from inside the car. She totally flips out. Hates it. I hate taking her because I'm afraid she is going to stroke out before we leave.

    I thought she was the only one who acted like this....

    I love my girl, too!


  2. I know just how you feel. I had to bring Frasier to the vets today and I get to pick him up at 2pm. He was so upset when I left him and I am totally lost and lonely without him right now. I can't even pick up my stitching. So I am sending you good thoughts and vibes and hope today and tonight go very fast for you.


  3. Brenda
    Oh, Sweetie~ I feel for you~ I don't like leaving them there either, with the kitties I thought I wasn't going to make it~ I won't tell you how many times I called them, then had to visit~ as they were sleeping the drugs off~
    prayers for Shelby & girl hang in there~

  4. Be brave Brenda, and Shelby will be home soon. I know it is hard, but soon you will be reunited.

  5. Oh Brenda, you poor girl! I know exactly how you feel, my two turn into shivering, shedding, whimpering piles of puppy fur when we turn into the vets office! I know it won't help, but try to remember she is in good hands and will be home safe and sound with you tomorrow. Give those pups a few extra hugs to help you get through today and know you are not alone in being a sappy nut case about your fur babies!! Deb

  6. Oh, Brenda, sending cyber hugs. I know what you mean!! That is why we had our girls surgery at the humane society. They do not keep them over night!! I couldn't bear the thought of them being gone overnight from me. When our oldest Pebbles had to have back surgery and stay at the pet hospital for two weeks,we went to see her everynight. I also took treats to the staff everyday so they would be extra nice to my Pebbles!!! The dr wanted to keep her an extra week LOL
    Hugs and hope Shelby is ok tomorrow. She will be sore but my girls bounced by just fine.

  7. Awww, Brenda. I'm sorry. I went through this with my dog and I know how you feel. I called the vet's office every hour. It's the worst feeling. Hang in there and Shelby will be back before you know it!

  8. I don't think you're a nut case. I think it's very sweet:) She will be back soon.

  9. Aww sweetie,she will be fine.I know what you mean though we had our girls all fixed and it is hard to leave them,hang in there.big hugs michelle

  10. LOl, they are like our kids. That is why I make my husband take them to the vet, than they get mad at him, lol.


  11. I don't think you are sappy at all! I love my fur baby! Reese always shakes when he has to go to the vet. It makes me feel bad that he feels bad. I just give him extra lovin, on top of the enormous amount he gets already!! Shelby will be so happy to see you tomorrow!

  12. Oh brenda~ At first I thought poor Jackzie found a home then I remembered Shelby had her girlie opperation today.They wanted me to bring my Boo in this evening and leave him so I know how hard it is for you.I opted to wait till morning since they do not have anyone there from 9pm - 7am and Boo has seizures.Your Shelby will be fine and will be so excited to see you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Dear Sweet, guilt-ridden Brenda,
    I hope you get through the night somehow.
    Shelby will be a "new woman" when you see her next. Give her lots of extra Mummy kisses.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  14. I have done this too many times. You never get used to it. We have a couple who cry and fret to be in the car! No ride is a good ride. Shelby will be so glad to see you. That's the thing about dogs over cats---unconditional love. You'll have to keep those rascally pups away from her stitches. She will love to be pampered and, if I know you, you (and Dad) will be pampering--a lot! And you will be getting a lot of Shelby loving in return......

  15. O poor Mommy Brenda ! shelby is gonna be mad but she is gonna be much happier that she is home and with you and the pups! Hang in there! Hugs lil raggedy angie

  16. Awww...Sweetie...KNOW exactly what you're feeling....I don't know how those fur things know EXACTLY where they're going and it's not good....I have such an issue with it, I've started having the DH take them...I know that's not right, but, sorry, I'm just a wussy crow....Hang in there...tomorrow's on its way! (And she WILL forgive you!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. As I'm sure she will be happy to be home. Our one dog here loves the vet and it's a good thing because she has to go ofte. The other tolerates it.

  18. I'm so sorry you're missing Shelby so much. She's probably still medicated and sleeping, but I know she'll be so happy to see you when you pick her up. Our sheltie wouldn't look at the vet when we had to visit--like if she didn't see him he wasn't there. ~Roberta

  19. Miss Shelby is adorable. Is she a Schnauzer? I am thinking about getting a dog, a Chinese Crested.

  20. Brenda,
    this is so sweet!
    Shelby certainly has a loving home!

    Big Hugs!


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