Thursday, July 14, 2011

Puppy Pictures and a canceled appointment

No shots today so no puppies will be going away this weekend

Well it seems I am having a bout with Vertigo AGAIN???
It just comes with no warning and It is no fun at all!!
Took my meds so I am doing a little better still shaky and dizzy some
*Had a Horrible morning*
So we had to cancel our Vet appointment

6 Weeks and 3 Days of pure rotten Bliss LOL

Oh my gosh they are something else
Yes they are eating they have the sharpest little teeth
and they have to get the food everywhere LOL
Messy Boys

The Big one is a Bully he plays so rough
His name is *Rascal Jackson*
We call him Jackson
He is the one the breeder will take
This one is the Nosey one he disappears because he has to check everything out
His name is *Rowdy Cowboy*
We call him Rowdy
We thought we had him sold but the couple can't afford him right now?
No I am not keeping him I have got to find him a home

And Mr Rango
Well he is already spoiled he will come when you call him and he wants to
sit in your lap and be cuddled
HMMMM.........I wanted him so Shelby would have a play mate
And be content to stay home alone etc.
And we have already got this one so spoiled he is going to be just like his Mama

Ok so I think I will go curl up in my Recliner and watch HGTV
Because I feel YUCKY


  1. OMG they are so darn cute! Feel Better and BIG HUGZ!

  2. Oh, crap! That stuff seems to have a hold on you. Are your ears plugged up? I sure hope it gets better real soon!
    The boys look great.....and adorable!
    Aren't they fun to watch?

  3. Sorry you are feeling so cruddy... Those little babies are so darn cute.. I imagine quite the handful but oh just look at those faces!! Hugs, Tina

  4. Hi Brenda~

    Thanks for the puppy fix!! They're adorable!! Hope you feel better soon.

    Relax & enjoy your evening~Becky

  5. Brenda, Im so sorry you dont feel well , hope you feel better soon! Im sorry the puppies arent leaving today NOT they are so cute how could you stand for them to leave! lol I just love that lil Rango ! Thanks for the puppy fix! Rest up and feel better soon! hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. Hi Brenda....have you been to an ear specialist? Sure hope you get better soon!!
    Those puppies are so darn adorable! Especially Mr Rango, love him!!


  7. Those are some of the cutest puppy faces around!!! Arghhh!! You're making me want one....and I'm not a dog person and have 2 too many already!! :o) Sorry to hear the vertigo is back....Not fun. Hope you find some resolution somehow!! Take good care - Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Aww, feel better soon honey. You gotta, your birthday is Friday. Puppies are growing like weeds and are lil darlings ;o)

  9. Thanks for the Pup-update! The hubs enjoyed seeing little Jackson's face...he looks so much like our Schultz at that age.

  10. Gosh, but blogger is giving me a hard time with trying to leave a comment on here...just yours for some reason!
    Well, now that I go that off of my chest...Sorry to her the vertigo is back :( Never really left though, did it? I've got a friend who had it a year or two ago. I'll ask her what she did or does. That RANGO is adorable!! Well, they all are, but he is unique!!!

  11. Feel better soon. those puppies are so darn cute. they have the cutest little faces ever.
    Have a great day,get some rest and maybe you will fell better after a good rest.

  12. Oh my Gosh! They are getting soooo big! They are just too cute!!!
    Hope your feeling better soon, Brenda. That's sounds scarey. Take Care.


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