Monday, July 11, 2011

OLM and my Fluttering Heartbeat

Well Marie of Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan or OLM as most know her

Is Having a giveaway and one of the options for a chance to win is to blog about
*What Makes your Heart Skip a Beat*

You know that things that make you Heart go Pitter Patter

My first skipped heartbeat starts every morning
*I sit on my Deck and drink my coffee and watch Day Break*
And I listen to all of Gods Critters awake to a new day
My Hearts skips a Beat
*I feel blessed to start another day of life*

*Talking to my Mother on the phone and knowing how lucky
I am to still have her at the soon to be age of 90*

My three children and One Grandson they make my heart skip a beat
*What would really make my Heart skip a Beat is if I could possibly get them all together in one spot?? Someday.........they are all so scattered and I miss them so*
It has been so many years since we have all been together at the same time!!

And my Dear Hubby
*Yes he still makes my heart skip a beat*

Going to the water
At the lake we live on
and turning a corner to capture a picture of a lake loon on the dock

ok so I had to zoom in to get him but hey I was close LOL
Or to cruise in a cove and have a family of ducks swim right by

And for the perfect Heart Beat Skipping adventure to go and see this in the evening

Where are the primitives you asked
*Well the thing that for over 30 years that has made my heart skip a beat is*

To be blessed to make my creations
To put that finishing touch on a project
Stand back, look at it and Feel so good
I love what I do and it just makes me so happy

And of course at the present time in my life
my Heart skips beats for these guys

6 Weeks Old today

What makes your heart skip a beat?



  1. Brenda, All beautiful reasons to make your heart skip a beat! and goodness those puppies are just sooooo cute! good luck in the give away! hugs lil raggedy angie

  2. Brenda, no wonder your heart is skipping a beat, so many wonderful things that you have in your life, I am so happy for you. Hugs, Lecia

  3. Look at all those lovely things! Well, we all have those things that make us very giddy inside, and you still feel like there is hope in tomorrow!

  4. Hi, seem to be a such a kind and gracious lady. You truly are humbled by the beauty of nature and family, and appreciate every day no matter what it brings.
    Good Luck in the giveaway.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA
    p.s. I know you are going to miss those puppies!

  5. Brenda, There was nothing corny about this!!!!! I am so loving what everyone is posting! So many wonderful reasons for your heart to skip a beat!....PS... Your giveaway makes my heart skip a beat to! Love her!!! Thanks for playing along on my giveaway! OLM

  6. Brenda this was a beautiful post.Lots of lovely things that makes your heart flutter.I admit that the sunset pic sent a little flutter along to my heart. Congrats on surviving the last 6 weeks!LOL! They are so adorable.Hugs,Jen

  7. What a great post Brenda! The sunset & lake look so amazing! And your family ~ I hope some day soon they'll all be together in one spot for you! :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brenda, this is the sweetest post! You make me flush with pride. Good luck! I hope you win!

  9. What a beautiful post Brenda!
    My heart was skipping a beat just reading it! Thanks for sharing.
    Prim Blessings

  10. Such a wonderful post and those lil' pups are just the cutest. Loved seeing the lake pictures. Hope your staying cool on these HOT summer days :)

  11. Brenda~ You are so blessed.So many things to be joyful for and proud of.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Such a sweet post Brenda, and thanks for sharing.
    Thru Nanas Window

  13. Hi Brenda,
    All such wonderful things!!
    Enjoy your day,

  14. Brenda~
    Sweet post~ your puppies make my heart skip a beat~
    congrats on the giveaway~

  15. With the beauty in your world - and how you see it so vividly through your eyes, you will always have "beat-skipping" days....Wonderful post, and gorgeous photos! Good luck in the giveaway! Smile & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Hi Brenda~

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.
    Those pups are adorable!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky


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