Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My win from Robin And a Birthday Sale

Good Morning
I forgot to go to my mail box yesterday so I just ran down there and found a  box!!

I recently won a prize from

She sent me a sweet Notepad
A Homespun sign
An adorable Annie
and a Tart

The sign and Annie have found a new home on my Shelf
*I must of had my head tilted when I snapped the picture LOL*

Oh thank you so much Robin I am so happy
would you believe this is my first Annie doll to have in my home
And to think I used to make annies all the time

Ok so tomorrow is the deadline to signup for my Witch giveaway

And I am having a Birthday Sale in my Etsy Shop
10% off from today until July 18th
If you currently are on my list with a 10% discount that means you
Can get 20% off of your purchase
when checking out to get you 10% off use the code


If you are eligible for the 20% please contact me



  1. Brenda, I'm glad your goodies arrived safely!
    I'm also happy that you like them.
    Thanks for posting!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Prim Blessings

  2. That Annie is so cute!! I have some Raggedy Ann & Andy stuff from when I was younger hoping that I had a girl one day. 4 boys later I guess I will either have to buy a girl or save it for my grand daughters. Happy early birthday and what a sweet win!

  3. Awww....that's a cute Annie!! Must be the crow she's holding! ;o) Congrats Brenda - couldn't have gone to a sweeter person! And, yup, I'm still crossing fingers and toes for your witchie poo!! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Brenda~

    Lovely goodies from Robin.

    Have a nice night~Becky


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