Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PAFA artists are having a Bingo Game

Good Morning ok it took me three times to just get the title typed without typos LOL

Yes I am just now waking up I was up at 1:30 a Puppy whimpered so Shelby thought I shoud wake up too LOL........I could not go back to sleep so I stayed up until 5:00 am

Then I got back up at 6 when hubby left for work layed back down around 8 this morning and just woke back up. GEEEEEEE............I feel like I had a baby
LOL.........that is right I have one baby with three new babies?

I will share pictures with you later today I have got to change her bed

I wanted to let you know that the etsy team
Is having a Bingo game offering 4 prizes



  1. Hi, thanks for telling us about the bingo, and I'm glad you finally got your beauty rest :)

  2. Yes, play PAFA Bingo and win handmade prizes! I've posted about it on my blog Bren:)


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