Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look at these amazing Pictures

I just have to share what I got in the mail yesterday
I had ordered a picture from one of the Primitive and Folk Artists Sisters online
A very well packaged Box Barb you are an amazing woman
Barb Paints On Screen and her work is Wonderful
I had ordered the one on the eggs and Barb included the extra one
These pictures are so detailed the colors are Great!!

And while you are there remember to sign up for the giveaway
This Etsy Team is giving away three items a week to three lucky winners
There are two more weeks to get in on the drawing

Ok so back to my goodies I am so excited I can not wait to get my Huge shelf above my double window in my kitchen so I can display these along with some other
roosters and hens

sign up by May the 14th I will announce a winner on the 15th
You will not only win the 5 flowers and bird I am throwing in

A Cow and possibly the Strawberries??

And today is a Special Day

This is my oldest and the Miles are so many between us
Trust me when I say I cry enough tears from missing him that I could
float all the way to see him
Hope you have a Wonderful Day
*I love you and Miss you so much, Mom*

And I hope all of you have a Glorious Spring Day as well


  1. Morning Brenda...what a sweet package of goodies...and I see how easy it is to spoil someone so sweet as you - because you are always so generous and now it's paid back with the extra picture.

    Happy Birthday to your son...and I'm so sorry there is so much distance.


  2. Your pics from Barb are wonderful! She is sooo talented. I love the roosters too-will you pls share pics when you are done decorating? The little cow is so sweet. And being a mom is bittersweet-your kids are lucky to have such a loving mom! Hope you have more smiles than tears today ~*~Lisa

  3. Good morning dear - Love your new pictures...I'm a sucker for chickens too. Your giveaway and your cow are awesome.
    It is difficult to have our kiddos far away..they will never realize how much we miss them- hugs!

  4. Morning Brenda, great new pictures you go there! Going now to sign up for your giveaway...

    Happy Birthday to you son...

    Blessings, Traci

  5. Good Morning Brenda , love your new pictures Barb is so talented but so are you , I still say your a great pair! I hope you enjoy your day ! Im off to sign up for your give away now , thanks for hosting ! Stop by my blog Im having a give away as well ! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  6. hi, Brenda
    Happy Birthday to your son!!!
    The pictures are so cute~ so kind of her to add another~ Sweet!

  7. Oh my, Barb's chicken paintings are on my wish list. I love the colors too.
    Happy birthday to your son! I hope you get to see him soon:)

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I am excited that you liked the bit extra and looking forward to seeing your shelf decorated!
    Happy birhtday to your son!!

  9. Hi Brenda, Love the new pictures. You'll have to show us when you get them up on your shelf.

  10. Oooooo....I LOVE the pictures! How very sweet!! And happy b-day to your son! I'm so fortunate to still have mine close. Wishing you smiles (and no tears!!) Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Brenda, Honey, I know exactly how you feel. My oldest son lives in Las Vegas and we live in Iowa. I haven't seen him in almost 6 years. My grandson was 4 years old when they moved there and he will be 10 in June. I miss them both so much. Another thing we have in common.
    Barb does do some awesome painting, doesn't she? You got a couple great pieces there!


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