Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A wonderful Swap and a Picture of Shelby

Wow somedays you get up and just want to do other things then what you need to
This would be one of those days, I look around me and want to work on my house
I look outside my window at the Beautiful sunshine and I want to work in my yard?

But all of this clutter I have piled up does call, and there is sewing to be done
orders to be filled, so after this post I shall make my sewing machine hum
and spread items out to paint and stain

I have participated in some wonderful swaps lately and wanted to share one with you
 Michelle of Grannies Pantry sent me  these items
Isn't this Penny Rug wonderful the colors are so great the picture does not do it justice
I could not get far enough away from it without getting junk in the picture!
One of these days I may get this house to where I can share pictures with you?
sometimes I do wonder if that day will ever get here LOL 
Michelle also sent me a Candle Rug to match my kitchen colors
Now I would rather share this different but I do not have it set up to do so right now
I have this strange very narrow bar you know one of those obstacles in your house
that you would dearly love to change, but I haven't a clue what to do with this space?
*By the way Michelle is fits perfect Thank you*
I Love them so much!
Once I get some things organized I will share it with you all set up the proper way

On another note I wanted to post a Picture of what we hope is a Mommy to Be?

And trust me she is Moody enough to be in that condition
And look once again at that dirty mug of hers, I can't keep it white for anything
She now rolls over just so we will rub her belly??
And she is sleeping more and eating more? so hopefully in the next couple of weeks
we will see that belly grow and in May She will have some babies?

Ok so I guess I best get to work, have a Wonderful Day


  1. The Penny Rug is awesome!!
    Cute photo of Shelby!
    Have a great day, Barb

  2. So glad it fits sweetie!I just hate it when I take pics and the colors look so different.Shelby is just the cutest!sounds like shes a mommy to be to me,lol.have a wonderful day!blessings and hugs michelle

  3. Hi Brenda...your penny rug and mat are beautiful...you so deserve them.
    And I enlarged the 2nd photo to see it better...love it!

    Goodness...soon to be fur baby parents...maybe???? Hope so.

    I'm doing absolutely nothing today...all orders are caught up and the house is as it is going to be and I totally forgot that I have some hooked rugs to work on!

    P.S. I haven't done a post thank you on my blog yet until lil miss chick gets here...then I will.
    Thanks again.


  4. Love your new goodies - hope Shelby is confirmed to be a mama soon!

  5. Michelle does make some cool stuff. I am the proud owner of some of her things!
    Shelby looks pretty chipper in the picture. Are you saying she gets testy? Not that sweet face!


  6. Oh cool, you got a red, white and blue penny rug. Michelle does do a nice job makin' them:)
    Aww lil momma Shelby. I hope everything goes smooth for her.
    And, yes, I have those days! I don't like to do housework. Love the way the house looks afterwards, just hate what I gotta do to get it there! LOL.

  7. Love the penny rug and mat........AND of course I love how cute Shelby is! Hope she is gonna be a Mommy because then you are flying to the Cape with a puppy for me and we are gonna have fun!


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