Friday, April 15, 2011

Winner announced and What a Night!!

Good Morning Friends
Gee Last night was a night that I hope I never have to live through again
I will explain that after announcing the Winner of my first giveaway of April

The Stacked stars go to
Congrats Robin on winning I will email you as soon as I get this post completed
Thank you everyone who signed up I enjoyed your comments and emails
please do comment and tell Robin congratulations

I will be adding my Next April Giveaway this evening so do come back!

Last night 4/14/11 in the Wonderful State of Oklahoma
We experienced storms that moved through out the state!!
In the evening my hubby was outrunning them trying to get home from work
The first tornado touched down just 2 miles north of the highway he was on!

My son was staying on the south side of Atoka which is only 5.8 miles from Tushka
They told them to take cover on the lower floor of the hotel in the laundry room
They could see the tornado and he was so scared and I won't even try to explain the fear I was feeling, he is safe but the damage that ripped through there was horrible
He is extremely lucky
I have not felt this fear since the May 3rd 1999 tornado that tore through Oklahoma
I was sitting in southern Oklahoma he was with his golf team and they were trying to make it home from a tournament there were tornado's everywhere and my Mom was in Moore where all the damage was at!!
Being an Okie I am used to the term tornado alley but let me just say this
you never get use to the fear that storms like this bring you, I have been so close to so many damaging storms, LOL okay they have been too close to me on many occasions
Needless to say we played phone tag all evening with my son and I stayed online talking to his fiance as she was talking to him as well.
That is right my son is getting Married I think I have been in shock so I just have not
shared the news I am so proud and so happy for them
Jerry and Tiffany
And I am so thankful to the Lord that he is safe today still shaken up a bit but he is ok

My heart goes out to those that were not so lucky! My heart always breaks when I know that people have been affected by disasters like this
I hope if any of my readers were in the path of this storm as it moved through Oklahoma and into Arkansas that you are safe today
Wishing everyone a wonderful Day


  1. Oh Brenda - it sounds like a terrifying night - I'm so glad that your son and your family are ok! Hugs dear

  2. First I want to congratulate Robin for winning this month and second.... OMG.... what a scary night for you. So glad that your son is safe.

    Debbie K

  3. Congrates to Robin! WOW what a night for sure. I'm glad your son is safe. Awesome news on his engagement!


  4. Brenda~

    Glad to hear you & your family are safe. A big congrats to Jerry & Tiffany!! Also congrats to Robin on the giveaway win.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  5. Congratulations to Robin! What a scary nite. I'm glad your son is safe.

  6. Congratulations to Robin on this awesome win. Your son and his fiance are a beautiful couple, Brenda, I can't imagine what you must have felt last night. Thank goodness everyone in your clan is safe! ~*~Lisa

  7. Congratulations Robin!
    Thanks Brenda for hosting another fabulous giveaway!
    Congratulations to your son and fiance!
    Glad to hear everyone is O.K.
    We had tornado's all around us last Sunday night.
    Prim Blessings

  8. Congrats to Robin. Sorry that the storms were so bad. I wasn't online as was still doing our tax stuff, so I guess I missed all your storms. I know that the storms can be pretty bad in OK. Glad everyone was safe in your family. My heart goes out to those who have suffered any loss.


  9. Congrats Robin! So scary...Glad your son is okay! Congrats to your son and Tiffany too.

  10. Congrats to robin! She's been on a roll! So glad you and your family are safe.I like rain but the wind,lightning and tornados are scary.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Wow, scary night for you all! We had thunderstorms but that was it. I have a feeling that this weather is not going to get any better for any of us. It's just been too strange so far!! Congrats to the winner!!


  12. Brenda, that is some experience I'd rather not have to go through! Glad your family is ok but my heart goes out to those who weren't so lucky. We see it all on the news but you just don't know how bad it really is.
    Congratulations to your winner and also for your son and his sweetie!
    Take care~

  13. Congrats Robin! Thank You Brenda for hosting another wonderful giveaway!

    Thank goodness you and your son are all safe, praying for those folks effected by the storm.

    Also, congratulations your son and his fiance on the upcoming wedding!

    Blessings, Traci

  14. Congratulations to Robin!
    I am happy to hear that you and your family are safe.
    I have never been near one and never plan on it;)


  15. Hey Brenda, I am glad you are all ok! Those storms came this way and I stayed up, tornadoes went just North of me! They say one hit about a mile from me on Sunday night! We don't usually get many this far East. I said to my hubby, "Brenda better hang onto her drawers"...because I know where you are at. They are so scary! Congrats to your lucky winner!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  16. Brenda - My goodness, what a horrid night, but it sure could've been worse. I'm sure you guys are still frazzled from all the stress. Take care. I'm so glad you and your family are all right.

    Congrats to the winner, by the way. :)


  17. Congratulations to Robin. She is a lucky girl for winning such a great giveaway. Sounds like a horrible night. Glad everyone is o.k. Congratulations to your son also. They are a beautiful couple. HUGS

  18. Congrats Robin!Thank goodness your all ok sweetie!have a wonderful weekend.blessings and hugs michelle

  19. Congrats Robin, thanks to Brenda for offering these wonderful handmade gifts. Beautiful family, glad you are all safe tonight.

  20. Congrats to Robin! Love the name~ The Cranky Crow! What a hoot! LOL!
    I am glad you all are alright, storms can be scary for sure. I always dread when they occur, because you just never know what is going to happen.
    I hope you will have a good weekend.

  21. YIPPEE!!! Yahoo!! Oh THANK YOU Brenda for this wonderful gift! I'm so excited!! I can't believe I have been so lucky - I've never been lucky in my life and perhaps the warm reception to blogland will be a turning point for my luck...I love your crafts and your blog and am thrilled beyond pink!!! Thank you again. You're a sweetheart x 100! Congrats too, to your son and his financee - glad you all escaped the storms unscathed. We had our first tornado bout last Sunday - lost power for 18+ hours, but were othewise ok - family, friends and neighbors didn't fare as well, although no physical injuries - just tons of property damage. And now, it's snowing and sleeting - hence my late post - any bit of wind throws off my connection and boy, do we have wind! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You are such a kind and generous soul. You made my day! Big Hugs, Smiles & Blessings ~ Robin

  22. Blessings to the Cranky Crow.
    I know exactly how scared and worried you were. So relieved for you that everyone is safe. Wow! new daughter-in-law! Your family is getting bigger every day!
    Warmest wishes for only happiness ahead!

  23. Congrats to Robin on the giveaway :) Glad to hear that although a terrifying experience, everyone survived to tell the tale, and you have a family wedding to prepare for. :) Best wishes and Happy crafting, Jenny

  24. Cograts to Robin first of all, and I totally know the fear tornados can instill having grown up in Minnesota under frequent tornado warning and touch downs. I am so glad you are all safe.

  25. Congratulations to the giveaway winner!! I am so thankful that you and your family are alright, I know that had to be sooo scarey. Hope you have a better day today!! Bunches of hugs, Lecia

  26. Hey Brenda,
    I am so relieved to hear you and your family were not harmed by the violent weather.

    It always amazes me that storms can be that rough. THis spring has been a violent one, SO many storms all over! We are expected to get some violent thunderstorms later today, I think it is the same system that came your way~

    Congrats to Robyn and thanks again for another great giveaway!


  27. Congrats to Robin... is she really a cranky crow? LOL.
    Oh Brenda, you son and his fiance are a beautiful couple. I can't get over how handsome he is:) I wish them both the best, and congratulations to you mom!
    Thank the Lord y'all are safe.


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