Monday, April 4, 2011

What in the World was that noise outside my Window

Nope it isn't Santa on the Rooftop LOL
Oh my gosh so I am sitting at my computer and a huge crashing noise came from
outside?? OH my this week BLEW in!!
Yes the winds have been blowing so hard 35 plus miles an hour!!
I have ?? or may have had a large covered Porch Swing that just took a tumble
Off of my deck over a three foot railing I  might add and it is now laying on the ground
That is a large drop over that end of the deck?
Be my luck it is all bent up after it's fall
I forgot to turn off the weather radio last night knowing that storms were down
south and that they were suppose to go to the east of us
So at 3 AM it wakes us up warning of dangerous winds and hail!!
we click the button and listen and then forgot to turn it off AGAIN
so yes it goes off about 4:15 and wakes me up once more
so I am still drinking coffee and wishing this wind would stop blowing
Don't forget my Giveaway
For those waiting on packages I have my pickup loaded with them to take to
the post office today but if this wind does not die down I will not be going until tomorrow! That Pickup sits high off the ground
*hard enough for little me to climb in and out of LOL*
And who turned on the COLD again GEE it has been lovely here
nice warm temps and now it is cold again??
Have a great Monday


  1. I had to check where you are located. I am in North Florida and we are supposed to have severe weather coming through in the overnight hours...they are even speaking of hail, can you possibly predict that so early? Must be a blast of cold air coming behing it.

  2. Good morning sweetie.It is supposed to be windy here today too.Hows shelby acting with that wind?Ive got my daughters honda all the way up against my fence gate so it dont break again.Gonna hibernate and make a special runner,wink wink.have a great day.blessings and hugs michelle

  3. Mother nature has not been very happy lately.. it is snowing here in Maine today. I hope your swing makes it through the storm.

  4. you be careful if you go out ! the wind is blowing here like crazy , poured the rain all the way to therapy and back today , several gusts I thought were gonna blow me off the road! I hope your swing is ok. Enjoy the day and being inside.
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Better to be safe than sorry Bren. You don't want to go flying through the air with the greatest of ease... NO.

  6. Hi Brenda! Hang on to your hat and wait it out. No use compromising your "health" to get the packages out. It's nice to visit your blog and did I mention, I love primtives & folkart :) Vicki


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