Thursday, April 21, 2011

shelby had a Hard Day

Ok I have to warn you this picture is not Pretty LOL
Hubby was off today so we worked outside, we had rain most of the day
just that steady misty rain
Shelby made every move we did, since we were moving some stuff at the back of our property she managed to get into some red mud??
No matter how many times I washed those paws or face It just will not come off!!
Our Poor Shelby ran and played harder today then she has since we got her
In fact she stayed outside longer today then she ever has
Since we have been inside she has been relaxing in Dad's lap
Does this picture not speak words like
*Oh my what a hard day*
OH my gosh look at where she has her paw at on top of her head LOL
She now has a baby bump and if you tell her do you have babies
she will roll over for you to rub her belly
she needs a tag that reads *Puppies on Board*
Just had to share


  1. Wow, Miss Shelb's is gonna be a Momma...yay...will you sell the pups?

  2. I hope she stays a puppy for a long, long time. Our Clifford has never had pups but he is 15 and has a lot of puppy in him yet.
    Not to worry Momma. That stain will wear off. Sara's Sophie got her snout caught in a ravioli can and had an icky orange snout for about a week. Dogs are a constant amusement, aren't they? No wonder we love them so much! Love the paw on her head--like not now Mom! I'm trying to nap here!
    Big hugs, Brenda. You are in for some awesome fun. We love puppies!

  3. Awww ... that pic is too cute! She looks awfully sweet & I'll bet she'll be a great mommy!

  4. Ah, poor wee Shelby, she looks plum worn out! Too funny Brenda, she is so adorable and she already has a baby bump, how exciting! She will be a wonderful Momma and you will be a wonderful Gramma, can't wait to see those cute little puppy faces. Hope you all have a good night's sleep, Shelby certainly looks like she needs it! Deb

  5. Oh she is so adorable! She looks so cute with her paw up like that. My dog isn't pregnant she just has a little bit of a tummy and I ask her if she has a rootbeer belly and she cries! Come visit my blog, I posted about my Sissie Pants girl. She played outside all day too while I worked in my yard and boy was she tuckered out!

  6. What a sweet photo of cute little Shelby!! Yeah!! Puppies!!! Can't wait....maybe her little spirt of extra energy today was that "mothering" thing where they feel the need to GET THINGS DONE! Congrats Gramma! Smile & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. It's tough being a much loved Dog, don't you By the sound of things she is just getting on with it and not letting her pregnancy stopping her. Can't wait to se pictures of the Pupp's. Bet she be a good Momma

  8. Shelby is a whipped pooch!!! Awe so cute her little belly~ I just love feeling the little one's in the belly! So sweet!!!
    I hope she had a good night sleep!!

  9. Oh my poor baby. One time my cat jumped up in my china painting palette. I scrubbed and scrubbed and couldn't get those colors out of her fur. It took months before it was gone.

  10. aww poor thing,you know she has to be wherever momma goes.Looks like she did have a good time, glad to hear shes getting a bump.cant wait to see them puppies!enjoy your easter sweetie!big hugs michelle

  11. Aww Poor shelby , didn't you remind her that a girl in her condition must not over do it ? lol She is too adorable and funny ! Puppies on board sign , giggle giggle you should sew her a shirt that says that I know you could do it!:0) Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter and Ms shelby some much deserved snuggles and rest! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  12. Awwww how adorable! You worked poor Shelby too hard today! I can't wait to see the newest addtions to your family!
    Prim Blessings,

  13. Good evening, Brenda,
    Sooo...are you telling us you are having puppies there?! That is just so exciting. Keep us posted.

    Have a blessed Easter. ~Natalie

  14. OMG how exciting! I need to step up the pace getting the guest room ready for ya when you come bring me a puppy:)


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