Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just me Sharing a Wonderful Swap, a Great Purchase, and yep my sappy Tears Again

Ok so I awoke this morning and while having my coffee
Looking out my window, I watched my Sister and my BIL leave in their Motor Home
They are traveling a couple of hours away to stay while she undergoes her cancer treatments, so I sit and cried for about an hour consumed with the thoughts of what
she will be going through, and praying for her recovery
who am I kidding I am still crying!

Then the Mail lady showed up to pick up my boxes and I got a wonderful surprise
Through my Sappy Tears I am tearing into a package from
Now I have a couple of shelves being built but I knew the size of this box was not
holding one of them and I am wondering what is this?
Instead I have a Swap coming from a Sweet PAFA Sister

LOOK!!!! YES I am CRYING but I bet you already knew that
This Sweet Beautiful Wonderful Cubby that Carol and Timmy Made
Yes I have already put it on my Kitchen counter just threw it together but I had to!!
I just could not contain my Happiness, Sappy Here LOL!
THANK you SILVIA how PERFECT!!! She is in the UK and will be sending me
another package as well I will share that with you once it arrives.

I want to show you a sample of Silvia's Creations
Is this not the Sweetest Sheep Garand I love them
if you click on Silvia's creations above the picture it will take you to her Etsy shop

Ok so as most know Lecia of FarmHouse Prims
Had surprised me with a sweet gift of one of her bonnets
Well I purchased one from after that and just had to have it
To photograph it I put it here for now but can not wait for my Hubby to do
a Shelf for over my Big double Window in my Kitchen
The window is recessed so I can hang things from the shelf once it is up and
this sweet bonnet along with my other one will be displayed there
Please ignore the shelf we got a huge Entertainment center from my step son
We are putting Beadboard behind it soon
I know forever I have promised pictures of my home with you
I am just now getting to the point of starting any sort of decorating be patient
After selling everything a few years back to become residents of an RV
It feels so good to finally have a few things in this empty home of ours
I have not had a home to decorate for so long I almost forgot what it is like
And is has been slow going but I am getting so many wonderful things now
Thanks to all the Great Friends I have found online


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with your sister and your family ... What a great time for such beautiful things to arrive and help to cheer you up. Blessings, Tina

  2. Brenda, I am praying for your sis. I know what you are going thru. It is so hard, not being able to be there or to do anything. You just have to trust the doctors and modern medicine. You can rely on the power of prayer! Love all your new pieces. Lecia and carolare talented and generous ladies. Love their work! You know I am one of those anxious to see the new digs!
    Have a peaceful evening!

  3. Brenda,

    Love the cubby that Carol sent...too cool! And the sheep garland that Silvia made is too cute. Hope they both brought a smile to your face and you have dried your tears. Will say prayers for your sisters recovery. Keep faith and believe that things will get better.


  4. Oh Brenda, you are being hit with a barrage of emotions today gal. It's good to have a good cry. Your sister and your family will be in my prayers.
    Surprised? Did I do good keeping a secret? LOL. I love the way you have it decorated already! I'm glad you love it gal. Silvia is a crafty gal, and makes awesome crafts too! Hugs~Carol

  5. p.s. Lecia's bonnets are perfectly prim! I can vouch for that as I have a few of them myself:) and love them!

  6. My prayers will go out for your sister.
    Love her cubby, she and her husband do beautiful work, what a nice surprise.


  7. Hi again dear...I was wondering how your sis was doing..and I'll continue to pray for her as she goes through her treatments.
    I'm so glad you had some wonderful goodies to brighten your day. I am really loving those cubbies that Carol makes and all of the goodies Silvia sent you. You are blessed indeed.

  8. WOW!! You made out...good for you.
    Prayers for you and your sister.

  9. love the goodies you received and love how you have them all decked out.;)

  10. My love and thoughts to you Brenda:) I knew something via Carol would h=just be perfect till my little Package arrives from the Uk (thank goodness for etsy favorites!!!) And besides I soooo desperatly wanted to to shop at the Firecracker Kid' she is awesome for helping me do this and keeping it quiet. keep smiling Brenda x

  11. hi, Brenda
    My many thought & prayers for your sister and the family.
    I pray for all of you watching her go through this battle~ that her body is strong, that she fights to win and wins~ bless you all

  12. Brenda, I am praying for your sister and your whole family. I understand about crying it is good for the soul and you needed it. We your follower's LOVE YOU and I know I am here for you anytime.

    Your sister is a strong woman and is a frighter, let her know that some of your follower's are in her corner and are praying for her.

    I am so HAPPY you got a package, what a great beautiful gift.
    I hope it made you smile after you stopped crying!

    The bonnet is PRIM PERFECT!!

    Love ya my blogging friend,

  13. HI Brenda,
    My prayers are with you and your sister. I hope there is good news soon for you.
    Love all your sweet gifts.

  14. Great swap Brenda! Love that shelf! Praying for your sister and you, Valerie

  15. Prayers and thoughts are going your way. Hope everything goes well for your sister.
    On the brighter side what great goodies you received ~ somebody knew you needed a little pick me up today ~ or is it a perk me up? both work I guess!
    Prim Blessings!

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with your sister, Brenda.

    Love all your goodies, especially that sheep garland. I can't get the Christmas rag garland Silvia made that she shared on a forum. It's like...the BEST garland I've ever seen!


  17. Brenda, I am so sorry about your sister, I will uplift her and you in my prayers. I wish I could give you a big hug.
    I love what Carol sent you, and Sylvia is so talented. You are definately loved!!! I am so glad that I have met you awesome girls.
    Glad your bonnet arrived safely, I hope you enjoy it. Bunches of hugs my prim friend. Lecia

  18. Hi Brenda, I'll keep your sis in my prayers, I'm glad you had a wonderful gift to bring you out of your prayers! Hugs and love Marilou

  19. That is a wonderful display of some talented ladies! What a lucky gal you are! I hope you know, by all of these posts, that you and 'yours' are being thought of and prayed for. People can't help but take someone like you into their hearts.
    Much love,

  20. What beautiful new goodies youve gotten!Love the red !Carol and Silvia are just the sweetest.Your family is in my prayers sweetie.hang in there and give it to God.big hugs and many prayers michelle

  21. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to your sister during her treatments and for your whole family. On a brighter note, I love the cubby from Carol. and Silvia is just as talented. I love both of their work.

  22. Hi Brenda, sending prayers for your sister and her recovery.....I believe in positive thoughts....May God bless your sister and your family. Hugs.....

  23. I love your goodies. I'm praying for you and your sister.

  24. Dear Brenda,
    I am saying prayers for your sister. Such an awful thing to have to endure. Your tears are okay...we need to let them out.

    Fantastic cubby and I really like how you 'threw it together' with some beautiful treasures and made a great Prim Gathering.


  25. Good evening, Brenda,
    I will be keeping your sister and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care ~Natalie

  26. Prayers for your sis and for you as well. Hard to watch the ones we love suffer.

    I love that cubby!! I lived in an
    RV for five years while we built a house. I have become a decorating maniac after five years of abstinence.8-) It didn't help that I went from country to a more primitive look. Most of what I had didn't work anymore. I look forward to seeing more pics as you get things done.

    Have a great day!!

  27. Hi Brenda... isn't it funny how God works in mysterious ways to curb our sorrows sometimes.
    When you get a chance to talk to your sister you will have happy things to talk about with all your goodies. I'm sure she will need all the happy talk she can get from you!! My prayers go out to your sis and to you...may God hold all you close during this time of great need.

    I know about living in a motor home/travel trailer. Two years ago I put my house up forsale and bought a 30 ft travel trailer moved back home and parked in my brothers back yard so I could be closer to my family.
    Thing is I absolutely love it and not sure I evwer want a house again and if I did it would be for the silliest reason. I love Bears and I love Photo's of my family and I have no where really to hang pictures or sit my bears.. I do miss that.
    Have fun decorating your home!!


  28. May the Lord wrap His arms around you and your sister and family and give all of you strength and peace and grace to go through it all...Only He knows what you all are going through...Bless you dear..Laura


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