Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weather, Creations, A Celebration and GiveawayS

A Ok Wow so after several nights with windows open and getting up to
comfortable temps in the 60's in the mornings
someone came along and dropped a cold front on us LOL
yes it dropped in the low 40's last night and got just a little chilly
I refuse to turn my heat back on so I sit here all cozy in my winter robe
with my big coffee mug
But hey the birds are still loving it and it is Spring, everything is real green and lovely!

I am still working hard on my creations and will be adding to my spring sale before the weekend I am also working on 5 new items for a CELEBRATION
Hope you have the date saved PAFA etsy team Artists will launch their 1st celebration
And there are a couple of members with giveaways at this time on their blogs

Karen will be giving away some eggs and carrots

And check out The PrimOutHouse here

Jan is giving away a Mason Jar with jelly beans and plant pokes

Check out This Giveaway Here at Barb's Heartstrokes

Barb is giving away two of her creations the Bunnies and another sign as well

And don't forget to enter for a chance to win my Spring Chick

Ok so my sewing machine is calling my name I have got to get busy
Have a Lovely Day


  1. Chilly here this morning too, 31 degrees, yesterday it was 59. Hopefully this is the last go round. Have a great day crafting, my week-end is over back to my "real job". I did get a few things made and tried new techniques, that was fun.

  2. I decided I needed to clean first, but I will be too tired to do much, by the time I get to my messes;)


  3. About 20 this AM here, got up to 39 and they say it will be chilly a few days. We are hoping that the real warm weather is right behind that.

  4. Thanks Brenda for promoting my giveaway! I will put that pattern in the mail in the am.
    Enjoy your evening,


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