Monday, March 7, 2011

SIGH what a morning, Sharing PAFA news, and a new blog in blogland

Good Morning Bloggers
Sigh: I am so let me see......bad word!! I am just so.......... LOL
I have spent countless hours trying to fix a mess over shipping!!
If you got messages today saying your packages were sent today
they weren't they were shipped on Friday and on Saturday
Not to mention the post office owes me and I can't get them to help LOL

Ok enough belly aching I am over it..........just want my money back!!!
You know the Huge Giveaway over at
Well we having added two more prizes that two more winners will get
WOW!!! that is a lot of prizes so jump on over and get your name in again
or if you have not signed up go and do it now

And don't forget to get you name in for a chance to win
A Spring Chick on my blog

I also wanted to share this morning a New Blog in Blog land
One of the members of Primitive and Folk Artists has just started a brand new blog
She is in the process but please do pay her a visit and follow along
and share a great big welcome to Christine

I actually took a day off on Sunday, first one in months!!
I rearranged things we have two new recliners being delivered today
and I will be getting some other items soon so be watching
So many have asked me to share pictures of our empty humble little abode that we
purchased almost a year ago LOL
But I have never done any decorating, I guess you could say I decorate a little everyday with multiple creations sitting around but they always seem to fly to other homes via the
So I am proud to announce that I will be decorating some soon and yes
I will Share some pictures with you.
I currently have an old TRUNK on my deck and I am waiting on hubby to bring home
some steel wool so I can knock the rust off of it *it is OLD*
Yes I am getting things for my house FINALLY!
Have a Wonderful Week counting the days till Spring


  1. Oh I hope things work out OK with the post office Brenda, how annoying is that!! And what amazing additions to the PAFA team giveaway, like it wasn't already incredible before! Can't wait to see your old truck, I am intrigued! Deb

  2. Nice to hear you're taking a break, Brenda! Sorry about USPS...unfortunately, they are our 'mainstay'! Looking forward to the pictures!
    Vicky :0)

  3. Darn postal service. I hope it works out in your favor and soon. Can't wait to see you pics:)


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