Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Day to Sign up for PAFA Giveaway

Good Morning bloggers
Gee why is it that time change confuses my body so much LOL
I am fine in the evenings I simply can not make myself function in the mornings
It is like my automatic gear does not kick in until 5:30 even if the clock is telling me
it is 6:30 AM!!
Listening to all the birds outside my window this morning and drinking my coffee
It is a little chilly this morning I will be so glad when I can sit on my deck in the
mornings and enjoy the spring air!

Today is the last day to sign up for the Huge giveaway at Primitive and Folk Artists
My offering in this giveaway is a set of my Rabbit Tucks
and there are so many other wonderful prizes

Karen of PAFA is having a great sale in her Etsy shop

Be sure to add SPRINGSALE when checking out to get a
10% discount now thru April1st
Be Sure to mark it on your calendar, the Primitive and Folk Artists Spring Celebration.
The members of PAFA are getting ready for their first Celebration
They are making lots of new spring items to list

I pulled a couple of boxes out yesterday of old linens, I will be pressing those up so that I can list them on my Etsy, I will also be adding vintage fat quarters as well
and I will be working on my sale items
Be watching for that I hope to have it soon
I am behind yet once again, my youngest son was on vacation and he paid us a visit for a few days, and since I do not see him often I put my work aside so I could enjoy
his company. We had a great time it just did not last long enough!
Don't forget to sign up for my Chick Giveaway

And thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post I am proud to announce I am sending out several gifts to some people that really touched my heart with great emails, thank you for that, Have a wonderful Day

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  1. Oh sweetie,dont worry about being behind.Im quite certain you will catch up.Your Superwoman,a one women sewing machine.lol.Just dont get any boo boo's.we like you with all them fingers,so you cant create all them pretties.so glad you had a nice visit with your son.Its gonna be nice here the next few days,I cant wait to get outside and play in the dirt.have a great week!blessings and hugs michelle


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