Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just one of those Days

Hello everyone I hope you week is going great!

I have been busy trying to get ready for my spring online sale, I did start it today
and it will run until April the 1st
I will be adding lots of items this next week great spring and summer primitives

Well we have decided that we will take Miss Shelby over and leave her
for an outing with her boyfriend
I was worried that he may run away from me here with no fence and I
hate to be responsible, they on the other hand have a fence. Only I am not sure
how she will handle this, I just ran to town and left her in the truck for maybe
five minutes if that and oh my word you would of thought I broke her heart and left
her forever!! She is so funny she throws these little fits, really she goes into panic mode and breathes funny and everything!! she can not stand me getting out of her sight?
I even got her a treat while in there and she never turns down treats but she was so mad at me for leaving her that she wanted nothing to do with a treat LOL
She will be so upset when we pick her up I do not think she will like me one bit for
dropping her off for a couple of days!
And then again Hubby says I will probably worry myself sick about her being gone
Let's face it this dog and I are too close to each other LOL
Ok I have got to get back to work I am finishing new things up, starting more and trying
to prepare for the Primitive and Folk Artists first Celebration

Have a wonderful afternoon


  1. Aww shes gonna be fine sweetie.I know your probally so worried.Dont stress to much.It is like a child leaving home for the first time isnt it.Just say your goodbye with a big smile and have a big bone waitin for the new mommy when she gets home to her mommy.Just think when she has her babies she will have a playmate to keep her company.cant wait to see more of your sale goodies!have a great night.blessings and hugs michelle

  2. Brenda,

    Aww...maybe she will be just fine as she will have a playmate just like herself and forget all about that ole mean momma! JK! I'm sure she will miss you, but I'm sure she will be happy to see her when you go back to pick her up.


  3. Oh MS Shelby is going on a romantic getaway......are you JEALOUS????????????I AM.......LMBO!!!!!!Is it the CARRIBEAN........????????????? then I'm REALLy jealous.........!!!!!!She will be OK and just think you may be a grandmother when she returns.......and you may be flying to see me at the Cape with a new puppy.............LMBO.........

  4. It's really never too late to teach a dog a new trick...and in this case, it might help her.

    To train her out of separation anxiety, begin giving her a rawhide chew-stick (or some treat that will take her a little while to eat) EVERY TIME you leave her. Whether you're leaving her at home to go get groceries, or leaving her in the car. After a while, the repetition (dogs really need structure and predictability) will assure her that, yes, Mom's leaving and I hate that, but when she gives me a treat it means she's coming back.

    Our dog knows that particular treat means we're leaving, but he has actually gotten so comfortable that he falls asleep before he finishes eating it. (We also turn the radio on for him before we leave the house...he likes sixties and seventies music.)

    Shelby will be fine...her momma loves her and that's what counts.

  5. I just adore Shelby~ she's a baby~ she knows how to work you!!LOL
    A boyfriend~ it will mean little precious Shelby's!!


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