Friday, March 11, 2011

I have been Featured and a Giveaway Reminder for PAFA

Wow first off what A sad sad day for Japan, what a Horrible tragedy.
My thoughts and my prayers go out to them.

I was wanting to post today to remind everyone that there is one of the Largest Greatest Giveaways going on and it is not too late to sign up the deadline for sign ups is 3/15

There are actually 24 prizes in all and 9 gift certificates to use in various members
etsy shops, 22 of these prizes will go to one lucky winner
2 of these prizes are referral prizes that is right a separate drawing one for new sign ups that give an individuals name for referring them
and one for the people referring others to the giveaway
then there will be 9 winners for the gift certificates!!!!!
Now that is a HUGE giveaway so be sure to click the link above the giveaway button and go get your name in today!!

Also if you visit the PAFA blog post today they featured me
I feel so honored to have someone share my story of my creative mind online

Hope all of my followers are safe, if any of you had friends or family members
that may of been in the path of today tragedy my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


  1. Brenda,

    Great feature for such a deserving lady. WooHoo! Way to go! And everyone should hurry to get their name in on this mega giveaway.


  2. So tragic! That water looked horrific coming onto land!
    Going to go and check out the article on you now. You deserve the recognition, Brenda!

  3. I can't even imagine how scary something like that is for people. Prayers are so needed. Congrats on being featured, you do great work.


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