Thursday, March 10, 2011

Correction on my WIN

Ok I was so busy yesterday, it is pretty bad when a few hours after being announced a winner someone has to leave you a message on a post to wake you up LOL
I Won a Giveaway Yesterday and Was so excited I have not won since before Christmas LOL........that I was not thinking straight and I had a couple of those rabbits on my work table yep the ones that get loud if I stop working on them!

I won this mystery gift, love the bag!!
and I forgot to add it was also from
Lori and Heather are cousins and they joined together for this giveaway
sorry ladies I should of fixed this yesterday but since those loud bunnies are now complete and playing contently together I decided to jump on this morning and do it

NO I am not insane.........LOL...........well ok maybe a little I even talk to them when I am creating them!! Does that make me a little or a lot crazy??

I will share my goodies when they arrive!! I am still just so Happy that I won

and Now to correct my own giveaway ok maybe I need to stop playing
with the Rabbits LOL

Yes I will be giving away a Spring Chick but I had the picture in my sidebar
linked to my February Giveaway I am so sorry this is corrected and you can

I am working on of few of these gals to sell as well, I will take orders on them
the same as I did for the Snow ladies so if you are interested you can find my
email *wait* yes it is still there on the left sidebar!!
My life is a sign of someone who spends entirely too many hours at home alone
and playing with critters and dolls that I create LOL
YES I am working on some Annies also....I use to make them all the time and
I am having a great time giving these little girls a personality!
Thank you for reading about my crazy mixed up life this morning

Have a Great Day


  1. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA...YOU CERTAINLY DESERVE TO are always 'giving' so this is just a great payback.


  2. Brenda,

    LOL! Glad you got that all corrected! LOL! If you would slow down some girlfriend, your head wouldn't be spinning so fast! Glad you have someone or should I say something to talk to during the day!


  3. Congrats Brenda~ yes you deserve a win~you are always so generous in your giveaways!!!
    can't wait to see what is in the secret bag!!

  4. No worries Brenda. After reading your posts, I can see where your coming from. Your one busy girl! Congrats on the win. We hope you like your surprise.

  5. Uh oh Bren, you better down shift... LOL. Congratulations on your win!

  6. congrats Brenda!I cant wait to see your long as the bunnies dont start talking back ,i think you will be fine lol.have a great day sweetie!blessings and hugs michelle

  7. ooooooooooo congrats, maybe it will be company for your bunnies that are they and they won't squeak so much when you get distracted.


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