Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sharing a Customers Picture

Good Morning I am having a hard time focusing on work this morning
Looking out my window there is just an unreal amount of beautiful birds all kinds
playing in my trees, Oh Yes Spring is almost here!
I wanted to share with you a picture a customer sent to me this morning
Thank you Judy I love the display
"Rabbit and bunny arrived and they are cute as can be."
I love Happy customers for those still waiting on rabbits they are on their way today
At this rate I may have to change my sale up some. And collect when orders are done
I appreciate every one's patience *This has been a busy month with health and all*
don't forget you too can possible own one of these rabbits 
you only have until midnight tomorrow to sign up for my giveaway
simply click the bunny in the top right hand sidebar to go and get your name 
in for a chance to have one of these rabbits sent to you.
Wishing you all a Wonderful weekend, I have lots of sewing to get done
Will be adding several new items next week in my Etsy Shop
If all goes as planned LOL


  1. Your rabbit looks wonderful in it's new home!!!

  2. It must make you so proud to see your creations on display for so many to enjoy. I think she has done a beautiful job of showing off your work!

  3. Looks like your bunny found a wonderful home Brenda! And Spring, you lucky girl, I hexed us here in B.C. by saying spring was coming a couple of weeks ago; it's now -20C and snowing, arghhhh! Breathe in a little of that spring air for me, it will be awhile before I get a whiff of it here! Deb


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