Friday, February 11, 2011

Living with all These Rabbits

Good Morning bloggers, It is Friday so I am wishing all of you a Wonderful Weekend
We will start warming up today and be in the high 40's
It is suppose to be in the 60's this week and 70 by the end of next week
so Yes I am in spring Time Rabbit Heaven LOL
I have made so many of these little guy they are now laying all over my kitchen counters
all dry and ready to finish I have black ones, brown ones, and oh I can not wait to show you the new ones that soon will appear in my  etsy shop
Currently there are 43 of them laying around my kitchen they are multiplying so fast!!
Aren't they just adorable, at first I was thrilled with the response I got for these,
and then I was stressed because I did not have enough zinc lids for all of those
wanting them. But a great friend sent me a box full, and I should of gotten more of
them, because after filling all the orders I will be yet again down to only having a few
of the lids left over. I think everyone is more then ready for spring time to get here!
These little guys are made from a Sassafras Hills Pattern

I love it when someone is Happy with my creations
This picture is by Teresa of DeppenHomestead1862
I just had to share the way she displayed her Rabbit and hearts that
she won in my last giveaway
If you have not visited Teresa do go to her blog she has some of the greatest display posts, and she really is great at decorating

I sold another one of these guys this morning
They are really selling well right now. If you do not Etsy and you are interested please
contact me, I do take orders. They are a Kentucky Prims design and made out of a vintage Army Wool Blanket and vintage Knobby Chenille bedspread
You can view the listing for him ***HERE***
I am waiting on a Wool Order, I can not wait to get I have some leaping bunnies that will be felted like my little sheep I do, I can not wait to finish them. I hope to have them in my Etsy shop by the weekend. And also be watching for a new felted Sheep
Ok I have got to get back to my orders and get them all completed and shipped
by MONDAY!! Yes I have a full weekend ahead of me
I have so many new rabbits drawn up and planned out
You will have to come back and visit my Rabbit Heaven LOL

Don't forget my giveaway deadline to sign up is on Valentines day
I will announce a winner on the 15th
the response once again this month is great and I am not far from adding a second
prize to the giveaway!!
Have a Wonderful Day, it is time to go tend to my Bunnies


  1. I have started decorating for spring, so making eggs for now, great bowl fillers. Love your bunnies. I got a couple of rusty lids, but I like the zinc ones, they are nice. I was thinking of putting a punched piece in or on mine.


  2. Brenda,

    You know what they say about bunnies multiplying right? Maybe you need to separate the boy and the girl monkeys at night? LOL! Glad that you are keeping busy and things will begin thawing out.

    Are ya outta lids again? I could probably spare some if you are interested.


  3. Your bunnies are so adorable. I can't wait to get my order. I definately need a taste of spring here...

  4. "wow" looks like your bunnies are multiplying like the real thing, lol. Looking forward to receiving my set. I will email you soon, I see several other adorable items I just might need.

  5. Hi, Brenda
    thanks for the kind words!
    Bunnies, Bunnies, and more bunnies!
    They are adorable!
    You make the cutest Bunnies!

  6. Brenda,
    Those are the cutest bunnies I've seen yet! Adorable!

    I've been cutting out pieces to a bunny pattern I've had for yrs. but need to sew him together and actually finish him! You are amazing to have finished all the ones you've made!


  7. Brenda-

    I am jealous! In the 60's sounds amazing. We'll be in the 40's by next week, but I can say I'll take it after being -20 below! I am also jealous of how creative you've been. They are so cute! You need to send those creative juices my way, I've been in a slump. Keep up the good work!


  8. Hon, I love everybunny! lol
    I do seriously!
    Glad to hear your weather is going to improve. We are looking at 40's next week and maybe rain. At least, that would melt away the snow!

  9. Good for you! So glad that they are selling well. Your items are great!


  10. Good for you! So glad that they are selling well. Your items are great!


  11. They're multiplying like...bunnies, eh? They ARE bunnies, after all. :~)

    Glad you're having such a fun time making and selling them!


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