Monday, January 24, 2011

There Will Be Three Winners on my giveaway

YAY thank you everyone that helped I have reached 100 Entries
But you can still sign up The Giveaway will close on January 31st at midnight
And THREE Winners will be selected
And I think I am going to put a twist on this one
I will give the 1st place winner first choice of the 3 prizes
2nd place will choose from the 2 that are left
and 3rd place will get what is left over

And here are the prizes

A Prim Rabbit and Three Hearts
*Kentucky primitives design*

A Bunny Pull Toy
*A Sassafras Hill Primitives Design*

And a $20.00 Gift Card *certificate* to use towards purchasing any of my items
On this gift card if you win it and would like to give it to someone
you can send me the info to email it to them or I will mail it to them snail mail
with all of my info
all you will need to do is to inform me of the name of who will be using it
*Or you can naturally use it yourself to make a purchase*
Good Luck and thank you again


  1. Congratulations on making your goal and very generous of you.


  2. WOW Brenda! How generous of you!
    I will go post about this!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Congrats on meeting 100+..So sweet of you always giving back.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Hi Brenda, It is so great you have reached your goal. I just love your website, I just started a blog last fall, everyone is so nice when they leave a comment. Your giveaway is so nice, you are very talented. Vicky

  5. Brenda, sweet of you to keep adding to your giveaway. Now will ya just pull my name this time? LOL!

    Congrats on reaching your goal.


  6. Yay Brenda!!! Glad you got up to the 100 entries!!!! You are always so sweet and generous on your giveaways!!!


I really do enjoy your comments
Thank you so much