Friday, January 21, 2011

My newest creations and my Giveaway

Oh My it feels good to finally be finishing some projects, I set the orders aside for a day I just had to feel like I created something new and completed it.
I have several items in the finishing stages now and plan to list a couple every day this week so I can focus on my next special sale!
So let me introduce you to the Market Rabbit LOL just thought of that name
This is just the Sweetest Piece I love it!!
He is currently on my Etsy the link is in the top right sidebar
HE is SOLD Thank you Deborah I will be listing another one
I am doing a little black bunny

My latest Peter Rabbit
*A Kentucky Primitives Design*
His body is out of an old Wool Army Blanket
He is currently on my Etsy as well
Don't forget to sign up for my January Giveaway it is the next post down
I will be giving away a Peter Rabbit and three hearts
Now as most know the more I have sign up the more I give away
Thank you for checking out my creations today


  1. Oh those are just both sooo cute!I better go get entered before i forget again.have a great weekend and have fun creating.blessings michelle

  2. I love both of them they are just to cute for words

  3. I love both of them they are just to cute for words

  4. Hi Brenda: Youre Pull-Bunny is darling!! Love the lil' carrot cart too!!

  5. Hi Brenda: Youre Pull-Bunny is darling!! Love the lil' carrot cart too!!

  6. Love them ALL, Brenda. I also love the name of your 'Market Rabbit'. It's appropriate!

  7. Brenda
    They are both just adorable!
    cute as a button both of them!
    Wonderful job on them!
    have a nice evening

  8. Aww, the market bunny is sweet and I love your backdrop:)

  9. Hi Brenda!
    Love the Market Rabbit! Too cute!
    You have done a wonderful job on him. Isn't it fun to just create? I love that.
    Have a good weekend, and thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Brenda,
    The Market Rabbit is just so danged adorable. I love all your wonderful handmades. You're so very talented. Wish I could take them all home with me.


  11. Hi Brenda,
    Love, love, love that Market Rabbit. His cart is just tooooo adorable!!!!
    Glad your feeling better. Pits being sick!!


  12. Hi Brenda,
    Love both. Market Rabbit is so adorable with his carrot cart. You always come up with such great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Happy crafting.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  13. They really are both precious! You come up with so many neat designs and everything is one of a kind! We love that! ♥

  14. Brenda, you are soooo talented!!! Your designs are wonderful!!! LOVE that bunny!

  15. what a super idea. I love the zinc lid/wagon full of carrots!
    Just love this bunny!

  16. I wish you great luck with your selling I see they don't last rabbit is already gone.TRISH

  17. Thank you all so much ladies. I have not got to respond like I hoped to all of you comments,because I am sewing more bunnies LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend


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