Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on my Baby

We spent most of the day resting after last night and I did Laundry!
I was so concerned she would not drink or eat But at about 3:00 this afternoon she took just a couple of bites and she has done that about 3 times since, Just a little while ago she jumped down and wanted to go outside and she is barking at the dog she hears in the distance. First noise she has made all day long, I am so glad to hear it!
Gee I was so worried I remember being dehydrated myself, so I started getting her to take in just a little water by putting it on my fingers, and she would lick them, and she seemed so thirty but she would not drink out of her bowl.
"I feel much better thank you for being concerned about me"

Now I did find something out today sometimes a groomer will use a light sedative on an animal that is difficult to groom, dang she is a puppy OKAY??
So my suggestion is to find out if your groomer does this because if some animals have a sensitive stomach something like that can tear them up
I asked the groomer flat out "No" was the answer, naturally but I knew it would be!
Shelby has not eaten anything different or been into anything at all
Hubby was concerned that she had gotten something outside
But I have watched and been with her
I did some research if an animal is put in a cage where another sick animal has been and if the sick one evens wets in that cage the next animal can contract that virus?
Makes sense to me, so No Shelby will not be going back to that place again
This was her third visit there but the other two times there were more people working
And they were NICER!!!!!
Now I wish I would not of Tipped the darn Lady!!!!
Have a Wonderful Evening


  1. So glad to hear she is doing better. Its hard to see them ill. I know my baby gives me the big brown eyes and they just seem to scream.... Help me Mommy!

    Stay warm & Merry Christmas!

    Debbie K

  2. So glad Shelby is better! I used to have Schnauzers I love them! They are precious. Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Dear Brenda
    Is that a face to love or what!
    I was blessed to have the company of a miniature Schnauzer for 11 years, Mr. Niles.
    I am glad to hear she is feeling a little better..
    I have run across one groomer that wanted to give Niles a sedative
    when he was a pup. I told her no and left. I have never had another groomer suggest that.. Although when I told my groomer what the other had suggested, her response was... Some goomers don't want to put up with a pup so this makes it easy on them as it calms them down.. So yes Brenda, you were right in what you said..She's a PUP!
    I would like to offer some information, you may already know, but just in case.. Shelby is current on her bordetella (kennel cough)shot yes? It is a respiratory disease
    and can be contracted when boarded or even at the groomers due to the close contact with the others in the kennels.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas...

  4. Well now you know and that was a hard lesson but you have to trust your glad she is better and no after effects..She is so precious and doesn't deserve mistreating..There must be a better groomer out there..

  5. Thanks for the update of your sweetie, Brenda. I hope she continues to improve - really makes you wonder what that lady did to her!!! I wouldn't take Shelby back either! Sorry you had to go through all this, but hopefully the worst is behind you.
    Let us know when she is back to normal.
    Merry Christmas dear

  6. Merry Christmas, I'm so happy to read that she is better and yep, you need to watch those groomers! I have 3 furry canine friends and I know how upsetting that can be. Hugs to you this holiday! Marilou

  7. Glad to hear this Brenda....poor lil' shelby...

  8. So glad to hear that she feels better. We had a problem like that with a groomer here and I didn't want to take our dog back there.

    Do you know if you have a mobile groomer in your area? We found a mobile groomer that comes to our home. She parks her van in the driveway...comes in to get Chloe and takes her out to the van to get groomed. I got to see the inside of it...very nice and my favorite part is the my dog doesn't have to go in a cage at all.
    Because of Chloe's bad time at the old groomer' took her a few times to get used to the new one, but I've been told that she is now a very good girl when she gets groomed. Chloe actually gets excited when she sees the groomer pull in the driveway.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  9. I'm glad she is feeling better. We have a great groomer and our Bonnie is hard to deal with, they have never given her a sedative. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Hi there, I'm so glad she is feeling better, she is just precious! I worked at an animal hospital for many years before back problems forced me to quit and you would be amazed at the sick animals we would get that had been to groomers and boarding kennels, so many things can be spread around just by one cage not being thoroughly disinfected:(

  11. She is so darling, I'm glad she's doing better. Thanks for the info on the groomer. I had planned to make an appt this week with my puppy's groomer, I will certainly ask if they use seditives.

  12. Oh poor Shelby! I hope she is okay by now. We have a miniature schnauzer and he is the same color as Shelby.

    I had a groomer tell me that they might have to sedate if they have problems and I said no and left too. I think that is being lazy and not wanting to work with the dog.


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