Sunday, October 31, 2010

I think I am going Snowmen crazy

 I love Snowmen and enjoy creating them so much last year at this time
I gave away this big guy on my blog

And this year I have snowmen parts and pieces strung everywhere They just melt my heart And Santas just put a smile on my face So picture me in a big puddle of melting snow with a huge Smile Because The Santas are being put together also!!
Here is another Woodland Snowman I have done

I am doing all of these guys in Wools and No Two are Alike They will be 23.99 on my Sale This next week and I have several of them

I would like to take this time to just say The Friendships I have made online areAmazing, I was talking to Patti of Raspberry Lane Primitives and talking about how low I am running on supplies...*Can someone give Walmart a smooth hard Kick* LOL.
I now have to drive 50 miles one way to go to a hobby lobby well when you drive a Dodge Hemi Pickup the gas consumption can eat your lunchEvery time I go like that I just sit and cringe at the thought that I could of spent that fuel money on Supplies 
Any how she offered to get supplies and let me pay her via paypal and ship them to me...........but get this gals I found out last night I can order them from Hobby Lobby and even use the 40% coupon and the shipping cost is so much cheaper then the cost of Fuel!! And being that the warehouse for Hobby Lobby is only a couple of hundred miles away from me shipping will get here fast So Hubby tells me to buy what I want and Need, Ok Can you See Me?? I am Jumping with Joy here actually just turning flips with excitement I am going on an Online shopping Spree LOL Patti Ask me why on Earth we live in the middle of know where Because........we now live at a beautiful lake and Love It.....yes it can be inconvenient to be far away from things but it is so Worth it
*Hubby spends two hours a day commuting back and forth to work*
He went fishing with buddies last night and brought in a bag of fish So yes there will be a fish fry today, this is my Sunday Menu
Fried Fish
Fried Corn on the Cob
Fried Okra
Hush puppies
*Deep Fried and Unhealthy LOL*
OH if you have never had Fried Corn on the Cob it is melt in your mouth Good!! Best part is all I have to do is the prep work yep Hubs will be doing the cooking Outside in the Big Ole Fish Fryer YAY! Worse part is the Clean up is a Mess but it is so worth it!
Hope you all have a Wonderful Glorious Sunday I have Santas and Snowmen to Tend too This morning because Hubby is going out to run the lines again I would love to go with them I enjoy Fishing, But I need to Work
What are you doing Today??


  1. Congratulations on your materials find! All things have to be considered when you make and price items, and fuel is a part of your expense.
    What am I doing today? Going to the Hallmark shop and start packing up Halloween so I can get my Christmas Open House for next weekend on the road!

  2. OH Joan I remember all too well those days running a shop is a never ending Job! Have fun I always loved decorating them for Christmas

  3. Have fun on your shopping * trip* hehe! Love the snowmen!

  4. That's awesome Brenda! I even found out that we can use a HL coupon by just showing the coupon on a cell, via email! Now that's cool! Saves on printer ink too. I figured you must have moved to a piece of heaven since I knew you lived on a lake. I bet it's just'll have to post pics sometime. I love your KP snowman man. I have that pattern too and can't wait to make him.

  5. Glad you discovered shopping from!! It is my savior! I, too, live on a lake in the middle of nowhere so I've relied on it for painting supplies for quite sometime...and their coupons are wonderful!
    You'll have to share the recipe for fried corn on the cob. I make skillet corn that is to die for but would love to taste your version of corn!
    Enjoy assembling your 'men'!! Can't wait to see them all!!

  6. Oh I knew you could order on line from Hobby Lobby but didn't realize you could use the coupon...HOW GREAT IS THAT???

    Your new snowman creation is darling - good thing you are making several - THEY WON'T LAST LONG ON YOUR SITE.

    Your fish dinner sounds wonderful - we love fresh caught pan fish - just the best.


  7. Love the new woodland santa!
    Next to kitties, I like snowmen at christmas.


  8. I am glad you found HL online. And I have to say I love fishing too and it has been a long time since I heard anyone talk about running the lines.

    Enjoy your dinner today!!

  9. Brenda,

    Gotta say I love this snowman too! It sure does stink to live in the middle of nowhere sometimes and have to drive to get anything. We lived rural for 14 years and the closest grocery was 4 miles, so we learned to plan meals or adjust. And yes, 4 miles is far for a grocery here! LOL! I didn't have to drive an hour to get supplies...about 15-20 minutes south, but it still consumes time and gas and every penny saved will eventually turn into $$'s.

    Oh now you've gone and done it...I want some fried okra. Do you dip it in egg and then in cornmeal? I have to admit it's an acquired taste and my hubby's step mom use to cook it all the time when we visited OKC. Okra doesn't grow too well here in MD as it needs the heat that you all have, so I haven't had any in a long time.

    As for what I am doing today...I am working on some orders, then gonna carve the pumpkin and get ready for the little trick or treaters to come around 5. I can't wait as the little ones are so darling.
    Have a great day.


  10. You can sign up for Hobby Lobbys online specials too Brenda. They're specials you can only get online, not in the store. They have some really great specials sometimes too. Now you enjoy your online shopping, I've got some of my own to do too, since I live in the middle of no where. Happy Halloween!

  11. LOL Brenda, you are too funny! I'm picturing you in a pile of slush with snowmen & Santa parts everywhere! Congrats on the Hobby Lobby find, I'm in Canada (also in the middle of nowhere but wouldn't have it any other way!), wonder if they ship up here?? I'll have to check it out. Your fish fry dinner sounds nummy, nothing like the taste of freshly caught fish, nothing else compares. Your Santa looks wonderful (as usual!) and have fun assembling your wonderful creations today. I'm working on some ornies this morning then on to some painting this afternoon and then pumpkin carving for the big night tonight! We don't get many kids out here in the sticks, usually only the neighbours from the next property, but I still love carving pumpkins and decorating for Halloween. Have a great day and enjoy your fish fry! Deb

  12. Love them snomen.. I had to chuckle when I read your blog,, thanks for that.

  13. Love your snowmen - so glad you can order your supplies and save on gas.

    PLEASE share how you make fried corn on the cob.

  14. Hi Brenda luv, I think we're all excited with the season now. I even went outside today with Hercules and took in the fresh cool air and sunshine.
    I'm so glad you can shop online and not leave the farm:) This snowman is awesome! Don't ya just love it when the hubby cooks. I know I do.

  15. Hi Brenda! You have been a busy gal once again! Great snowmen you have there! We don't have a Hobby Lobby here, closest is in Salt Lake, a 5 hr drive. I have looked on-line before but was after some fabric someone told me they purchased there and didn't see any fabric you could buy on-line. I am glad it works for you though. Closest Walmart to me is still 80 miles... Hope you have a great day. Looking forward to your sale :)

  16. I am in LOVE with your snowmen Brenda!!!!
    I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in Pittsburgh. I don't think we even have one in the whole state. Although I am going to the Chicago area next week and they DO have Hobby Lobby - so I plan to do some supply shopping myself!!

  17. Beautiful. I liked Ornament #2 of giveway :)


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