Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Readers Gee what a Beautiful Day here in Oklahoma today
And gosh I do think my age is catching up to me, actually I haven't been feeling
like myself lately. Have you ever felt like you were craving something with iron in it??
sounds strange I know but I feel like I am lacking something, I am just always dragging, and so tired!! Now I am normally a pretty perky gal? so maybe someone will come along here that has medical experience or has the same problem and they can tell me a little bit about it...........and no it is not because I over work myself? Although LOL
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  1. Brenda,

    Maybe you need to take a vacation and just know sit around and read a book, stay in bed til noon...that kinda thing. Maybe a multi-vitamin might help.


  2. sounds good you want to go too LOL....I know you will be ready Dee once this show is over with!! I do need a vacation. And I should take Vitamins and don't!! I'm Bad!!

  3. Hi Brenda: I would suggest that you be tested for Vitamin D deficiency and Vitamin B12 deficiency...those are two very common disorders that cause extreme fatigue....My mother complained for a long time and finally listened to me (Her Nurse Practitioner daughter) and I was right!!(with both I might add)....please don't wait.
    Patti :)

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I was just going to suggest what Patti suggested. I was tested for Vit D deficiency and found out I need to suppliment with it. It really does help alot and I'm not prone to colds and flu like I used to be. I can give you more info if you'd like, just email me! PS your items are always so sweet and prim!

  5. Wow, I'm gonna take those gals advice and start taking Vit. D. Thanks gals:)
    Brenda, you've sure got alot of cute items in your sale. I'm all signed up for those candy canes.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I hope you are feeling better by now. I am a little behind on my blog reading. Do you take Vit D or B12, you may be deficient.

  7. Thank you ladies for your wonderful advice I am now taking a multi vitamin for women with extra D?
    From what I understand I should see a difference within a couple of weeks. I am ready to feel better LOL


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