Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Morning Don't Forget to Sign up

Good Morning
How are you today? So glad you dropped by to see me
Do not forget to sign up for my Giveaway I will draw out TWO winners on The first day of October the first winner will get the Snowhead Makedo, and the second winner will get Three Snowmen ornaments, to enter simply click on the top picture in the
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I will be marking down Most of my Fall Items in my Etsy shop on October 1st
so go *****HERE***** and take a PEEK if there is anything you are interested in
let me know my email addy is in the sidebar, or you can convo me through etsy
and I will discuss the price with you.
I am busy making lots of items for my next online most may know about three weeks ago I came down with a Horrible summer Cold and still have this aggravating cough..........I am not contagious........I was blessed with this because
my hubby brought it home from work!!! And I am one of those that sprays enough lysol to kill not just the germs but everything that comes in it's path LOL
(I am not kidding when I get that can out Shelby runs to her blanket and puts her head under it....How funny she is such a character)
And since she is now afraid of all of my creations they have all been put away covered up and safe and secure from all bad things, well I don't know maybe I ought to go peek and see if the scarecrows are eating on the pumpkins LOL
or maybe my crows have pecked off all the scarecrows stuffing,
Ok I better stop while I am ahead LOL
Anyway contact me if you are interested in my Fall stuff
Have a great day Friends


  1. Isn't lysol poisonous to animals?
    I know that feeling, I work at home and my husband brings them home to me and that is not fair;)

    I use the new glass cleaners with the antibacterials and spray all items they we touch, but still get sick, so guess I shouldn't bother cleaning, haha.


  2. LOL Debbie ......gee thank you I will have to check that out about the lysol!!! no wonder she covers up her face LOL.........I know i work at home too and I hate for germs to be brought in and no matter how hard I try not to get something I still seem to catch it!!

  3. My hubby gave me my cold/cough as well. Bless their hearts....Thank goodness they have other attributes that we do appreciate. lol
    Thanks for posting my giveaway.
    I am really getting a lot more traffic these days and it makes me smile!

  4. My Hubby Brought me home a cold tooo!! I feel terrible!! We all have the best husbands ever, so thoughtful and caring and giving!! lol Well I hope we all feel better! Lots of chicken soup and rest-Go go! =)

  5. Ok so I think we need to ban all hubbies from coming home when they are sick LOL......I told mine next time you are sleeping in the RV that he could not come inside!! LOL

    hope all of you get better soon, Linda I am so glad you are getting more traffic HUGS to you


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