Friday, August 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek

Good Afternoon.....gee I am working, I can't believe it I am actually being Creative again!! FIRST remember to sign up for my giveaway I have found three more vintage linen items to add to the Giveaway I will draw a name on August the 15th!! Just click on the picture in the top Right Sidebar and signup today.

And now take a peek at what I am making
OOPS wrong picture that is just one of 6 piles of started items LOL
Ok so here is one of them
And another sorry the pictures are not the greatest
I have white pumpkins, and the traditional orange ones
And the funny one this one is actually on a stick the picture is one that Natalie of Tins and Treasures posted on her blog HERE
I am telling you sometimes in Giveaways I throw extras in the Box!!
Ok so I am not sharing anymore then these but there is lots more
My sale WILL be at the beginning of this next week and I will send out a newsletter to let you know when and where to find it at online.......I am know to change that link every now and then that way the only ones that get to shop it are the ones that get
The Rusty Thimble signup today.....hint the pumpkin wands will be one of the GREAT price specials on this sale!!
It feels so Great to be back to doing what I love!! These boxes that are still remaining aren't going anywhere, I can unpack them later.......I just had to sew once again!
Prim Blessings


  1. Ahh Brenda, they all look like definite "must haves". I'm signin' up again just to make sure:) Hugs!Carol

  2. Brenda,

    Ohhhh....tooo kewl. Love the grinning jack. The snowman looks so cooool too...a sure welcome with the high temps we've been having.


  3. Good to have you back and sewing up a storm!

  4. Eeeek!! What an adorable snowman! Love them all!

  5. love your you ever sleep? you are always creating..hows the house coming along? when are you going to show us the big reveal? have a great weekend.:)

  6. Hi Brenda! I am loving your new fall items. Glad you are back to sewing again. Hope you get some furniture soon! I am going to be gone a few days this week so I hope I can get in on your sale! Those pumpkins sticks sound wonderful! Hope you have a great day!

  7. Thank you everyone. LOL Gina yes I sleep........sometimes!! The reveal will come soon I am going to try and get some furniture items soon and then I will take pictures...still so much to do.
    Jayne if you miss the sale you can always click on the link a few days late and order from it. I will be leaving it up for a week this time. Thank you Rose, Dee, Carol and Vicky....


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