Monday, July 19, 2010

Are you scared of heights?

Just had to share what we just came in from doing
And yes DH is scared of heights
WE had a tree that was right by the mobile home our back door would open but if the tree was to continue growing it would of caused problems. So this evening with Chain Saw in the basket hubby went up and took it down. Due to the fact that it was right next to the house he had to top it out in order to get it to the height to saw it down and let it drop. Let's just say my heart was beating a little fast LOL.

OH I love my trees he keeps saying this is the last one I am cutting? I hope so!

Now you see why my heart was racing right over the house everytime he let a large branch drop and hang I kept thinking Please Lord do not let it hit the house !!
And yes I was worried about him getting hurt as well!!

The top of the tree is gone and so is a lot of shade hmmmm......but now I get a larger back deck and it will be covered.
Tomorrow they will come and hook up our air so we
can start moving in soon!!
Tomorrow evening we will remove some tree stumps, the heat is so bad I wish it would cool down just a little *or rain* yes now that my house is here I am wishing for rain!


  1. Yikes I hate heights too! Did you give him a hand with that tree?

  2. Oh I feel for you! Every time a tree has to come down, I have to go to town for something. Sometimes I know they "have" to come down, doesn't make it any easier to lose one. We have had rain here almost every afternoon, it doesn't make it any cooler, just makes the air thick and humid. Wishing you cooler weather!


  3. It is fun when you are sitting on the ground watching the work get done LOL........Funny Lynn I asked him while he was up there if he needed a drink of water, now I wasn't thinking LOL. You should of seen the look on his face like I could just shimmy up that extension on that piece of machinery and hand him his glass of water Yeah Right!!!! All I did was help to move all the limbs when he got done.
    LOL Dede I keep saying I am going to go to the bed and breakfast here at the lake and spend a few days until they get it all done!!

  4. Thanks for putting me in your side bar. I got your entry to my giveaway. Congrats your new home is lovely. I love the red color. Have lots of fun decorating your home.

  5. A nail biter for sure. You guys be careful:)

  6. Been there...done that...well, not Joe! It is very scary to watch. Ask me sometime about the piece of wood that was embedded in his hand, requiring surgery to remove it!


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