Friday, June 18, 2010

Specials and Fall Items

Good Morning
This weeks special on the Rusty Thimble Sales Blog just click  HERE
will run from June the 18th thru June the 20th
I am going to start having specials every week. I have several items to list on 
My Etsy Shop click HERE and my Fall items to list on my Special Sales Page
just clickHERE

I have to take

Miss Shelby to the Vet this morning for her shots and to clip her toes nails that are dangerous Weapons these days LOL
then back home to take pictures and list items so be sure and
check out my sites this evening!! Have a Great Day


  1. Oh I hope Miss Shelby enjoys her trip to the doggy parlor. She already looks so pretty. I'll be checkin' out your specials Brenda:) Thanks friend!

  2. Well Shelby did not have a good time She hates going to the VET
    she got a shot and got her ears worked on and her toenails clipped and now she is passed smooth out from such a Horrible Day LOL...
    She is mad at me!!!

  3. Miss Shelby is so sweet.....We trim our dogs' nails ourselves. Some of them are good with the clippers and some prefer the Pedi-Paws grinder. It is a tedious job but we have 9 of them so we can better afford to do it here at home. At $10 a pop, that's $90 I can spend elsewhere!
    ★ Linda ★

  4. OMG Linda it costs me $3.00 for her nails to be clipped. Shelby has felt puney all afternoon she slept most of the day. Poor thing

  5. Your puppy is just adorable..


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