Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharing Pictures of our Evening at the Water

Shelby likes the Fish, We went down to the lake this evening and went fishing, and swimming. Getting a picture of her is almost impossible she loves the Water and runs around in circles. She gets so excited we can't get her to stand still long enough to take any good pictures. But look first cast and Hubby catches a bass and she was so curious!! And Comical when he turned it loose...she liked watching the fish as they swam away.

And she would love to get hold of one of these but hey I can't even get close to them or they fly away. This one had a perfect spot in a cove and was catching bait fish, we watched it for along time.

I love these willow trees

It was so peaceful today most of the weekend traffic had left and very few boats were on the water I could sit down there for hours!! I love the water

Oh and now she stays still AWE Mom do we have to leave?? LOL
She had so much fun I would turn around to find her and she would be right behind me in the water......she is getting much braver and just jumps right in and starts swimming.

Oh look could it be a break in the heat?? Well the clouds came and left no rain tonight but they say there is some on the way, we could sure use it!
Ok so I just wanted to share our peaceful evening with you
Shelby is worn out she went to sleep early this evening, Oh I just love my new puppy!
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  1. Wow you are so lucky to live near such a beautiful spot!And Shelby is just so cute!!!

  2. Well she sure has grown and is such a sweetie.. Beautiful pictures and can't wait to see your new things..
    We got 2 1/2 inches last nite, garden really needed it.........

  3. Awww, Shelby is your lil precious fur baby. That bass is almost as big as her. I'm so glad you and Shelby had a great time at the cove.

  4. What a beautiful spot. My son would love it. He loves fishing.


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