Thursday, April 29, 2010

She has a name and she is ROTTEN

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Spoiled that is LOL.
Her name is Shelby she is 7 weeks old. And so spoiled rotten already LOL.
I have several pictures to share and will do that next week.
This is her bed and even though it is larger then she is, it moves around this tiny
place we call home. With her help.......lots of items move around LOL.
She is so Precious and I love her. The item she is playing with is one of my
strawberries I make!! So now I am proud to annouce she has her own toys!!!

The above Uncle Sam is inspired using a pattern by Crows Roost Prims
On another note I am having my special online monthly sale today and after sitting
here for 2 hours have just now learned that most did not get my link email for it.
I have a couple of emails in the file that have been causing my email to be returned to
me as partly unsent. So please if you want to be notified when I have an online sale send me an email at and put Sale in the subject line so I can
redo my email list, yes this includes those of you that have previously signed up.
I am so sorry for the inconvience of this.
Here is the link to my sale this month

Thank you Have a great day


  1. Awwwww that is so sweet...I love this..what a cutie all cuddled up by the heater!! Sweet!!

  2. She makes me want to snuggle with her. She is so adorable!


  3. She is so cute and full of energy, I see.


  4. What a little sweetie. She's lucky to have you for her mama.

  5. She is so sweet and I love that name.. Hope she is a good girl for you..

  6. How cool, she has a matching bed Now you'll have to make her some coordinating clothing. Give Rotten a scritch for me:)

  7. precious! Betcha she give lots of good kisses!

  8. Yes, my miniature schnauzer is still spoiled and he is 5 years old!


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