Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Giveaway Winner

Good Morning Friends, gee I am so sorry I have been missing in action for so long on my blogs. I have not been neglecting them. I have been sick for two weeks. But I am feeling better so now, I am reorganizing and getting ready to get back to normal on my creating. *Normal* did I really just use that term LOL!! So here is the scoop please forgive me but I have ladies waiting in line for my next online SALE if you are not aware I do these once a month and the only way to be involved is to email me with Sale in the subject line. These sales are for items that I offer at wholesale prices no tax number required no Min. order!!
I am not offering another giveaway until April the 1st on my blogs.....I have to play catch up and get some items listed. We are in the process of making a final decision on a house and will know exactly what we are going to do this week. So I need to start thinking about making some funds to help on this new adventure of ours.
The March Winner of this Cute Hanging Rabbit is
CAROL ANDERSON of FirecrackerKid Congrats !!!!
I want to thank everyone for participating. And if you are signed up for my newsletter I will be sending one out today........until next time.......have a Wonderful Primitive Day!


  1. So glad you are better,wow that must have been awful..Good luck with the house and will be watching for the sale,,

  2. Happy to hear you are feeling better!! Congrats to Carol!!!

  3. Congrats to Carol, he sure is a cute wabbit!


  4. Hope you continue to feel better and congratulations to Carol..

  5. Congrats Carol!!! She has been pretty lucky lately!!

    Get to feeling better soon and good luck on a house!!


  6. Congrats Carol......ummmm you have been mighty lucky lately!

  7. Ok so wow how many giveaways has Carol won LOL..........I have been totally out of the loop the past couple of weeks and haven't paid any attention....GEE carol do tell us how it feels to be so lucky LOL.

  8. Happy to hear that you are feeling better!

    Congratulations Carol!


  9. YeeHaw! Thanks ya'll! I've got the luck of the Irish with me. Thanks Brenda and how fitting but to win the American Rabbit:) I love it! The Firecrackerkid approves:) Hugs~Carol


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