Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well first off even though my mother is not a computer person HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. She is 88 today, and when I think about that I find myself amazed at all the changes she has seen this world go through. My mother still sews, not like she use to but she does it none the less, and I only hope that I will be so blessed to still be able to do that all of my life.

Next wow Christmas is behind us, and yes we did get to go and visit family. It was a scary trip the roads were icy and it took so long to get there. We did not get to see everyone we had hoped to. And now yes another year has come and gone?? wow so quick. Seems the older you get the faster time goes by.
I hope each and everyone of you and your loved ones enjoyed the holidays.
I have been a bit behind schedule so sorry for that. I have so many items to start listing and will be doing so this week. I should be sending out my newsletter the first part of this week as well. If you are not signed up just email me my addy is in the sidebar and put Newsletter in the subject line.

Gee it won't be long until Valentines day is here. I love these vintage cards it reminds me of the valentines we used to give when I was a little girl. I remember enjoying Valentines being so excited to get a box of those little cards and making a list of all your class mates. My favorite part was making the box that all of your class mates would drop your cards in. I always seemed to decorate mine just a little more detailed then the other ones LOL. Being Creative has always been a part of my life.
And to think today of the value on all of those vintage items and wondering why I never hung on to all of those things in life?
I will be also putting up my blog giveaways on Monday so please check back and sign up. I will be giving away a Rabbit on this Blog and a Sheep on my sales Blog for the month of January.
Wishing you all a wonderful Year ahead with many Blessings.


  1. Looking forward to all your new creations!

  2. Morning I said in the Give Away post that I haven't been around much lately.
    Happy Birthday to you mother!
    Hugs, Karen


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