Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gee it is a Cold Winter This Year

This Picture was taken on Christmas day the Wild Turkeys were loving the weather.
It has dropped down so cold everywhere with the Artic Blast that has rolled through the states.
I hope everyone is warm !!
Our pipes Froze up *No water* YUCK but we will get that fixed soon.
I truely feel blessed to have this RV I complain about living in LOL. It is a warm roof over our heads!

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  1. What a beautiful setting with the pond and bridge. I would love to have something like that in my backyard.


  2. Well that is a pong by my inlaws Lakehouse just down the road from us. I wish it was in my yard too LOL!! Thank you I love to take pictures around the lake

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love looking at the wildlife at my brothers. He lives way up north - so peaceful

  4. ok I guess I need to check for typos LOL I meant to say pond duh!!


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