Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Busy Here

Well by the looks of things I will be staying inside the next few days and sewing *Well if we do NOT loose power I will be sewing* GEE what is up with this weather nice then YUCKY lol.
The weather man is saying ICE he is also predicting Power outages I vote we FIRE him and find a new one
someone that is Bringing in the Spring !!! Cold weather is on it's way and it is suppose to be a bad one

I want Sunshine and Warm temps to stay here so I can hang dolls outside to dry. They do not like it when I force them to dry with the heat of a hair dryer or an oven!! Poor things, they like to sing outside with the birds and bask in the warm sunshine, just like their creator LOL
ok enough complaining here. The banners I have used above are from Debbie with Deb's lost Treasures her link is in my sidebar, check her out she does awesome stuff.
Have a Great day readers, stay warm!


  1. Oh my wouldn't I love some spring time sunshine as well. Just the thought of the warm sun makes me smile. Thanks!!

  2. Well the sun is shining today but it won't for the next few I am sure unless a miracle will turn that storm to take another path LOL
    Keep smiling Spring will be here soon.

  3. Oh, now I can envision your dollies hanging outside and singing in the sunshine. Hugs~Carol


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