Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Items Finally

Good Afternoon readers
Well I actually added a few things to my Etsy Shop
This Cow and Berries is so darn cute I am making me a set for my kitchen
I used a pattern by Paxton Valley Folk Art

This Speckled Hen I wanted a pattern to do one of these for my Kitchen
and I ended up getting one sent to me by Barb's Heartstrokes
Now this pattern was intended to be made out of wood, But I thought it would be adorable out of muslin, thank you Barb I am finishing one to send to you as well

And yes another Rabbit
I never get tired of making these guys they are a design by Kentucky Primitives
I have made and sold so many different versions of the above rabbit.
I am linking up to The Sunburnt Cow Link Party
Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop

I am linking up to Jan's link Party

Hope you are having a great day


  1. Love that chicken! Got me a burlap one:) I also love all your versions of those awesome rabbits and have a few of them too! Is that cow a strawberry lover??

  2. Anything you touch turns out awesome Brenda, I love everything, esp. the rabbit. Hugs, Lecia

  3. They are all so adorable, Brenda. Really love how you used the chicken as a soft sculpture instead of wood!! Ingenious as only you can be!! I'll have to stop over and view Deb's patterns!

  4. I wants to make a chicken, too......lol

  5. Brenda
    Great job!!!Love them all!!!

  6. Love them all Brenda - especially the chicken! I want to get some new items made for my Etsy shop too...but am still trying to catch up with things!

  7. AMAZING!! That is call thinking outsite the wood shed. That Chicken turned out fabulous!!!
    I am amazed-my hat is off to you.
    I had to get the sewing machine out to patch a seam the other day and all the kids took cover...they even had the neighborhood kids hiding. (Too many bad words).
    All your creations are just wonderful!

  8. Brenda, everything looks so good, love them all! Thanks for purchasing my pattern, great job on the cows & strawberries! Here's to lots of sales! Deb

  9. Oh Brenda they are all great!! I love the cow and berries!! I would make a set for myself if I were you 2! =)

  10. I thought I recognized that cow from the SC button Deb made. :)

    Love your pretties, esp. that rabbit. (I love rabbits)!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow link party, Brenda. :)



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